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Even in Eagles country, you can find Packers fans cheering on the green and gold. (PHOTO: MilkBoy Packers Fan Club Facebook)

50 Packers bars in 50 states (and beyond)

The Packers may be Wisconsin's team, but everyone knows that the love for the green and gold survives and thrives far outside the state's borders – whether it's cheeseheads needing a place to watch the Pack during their cross-country travels and Packer backers who now call somewhere else home but still call Lombardi's crew their home team. But in order to feed that fandom's fire, these fans across the land need to be able to watch their team – preferably surrounded by their fellow Packers faithful.

In order to do our Packers duty and help out our fellow fans, with the help of the Packers Everywhere resource and fan clubs from sea to shining sea, we've compiled this list of 50 Green Bay bars scattered across all 50 states – and even beyond. Now, since we're limiting ourselves to just one key bar per state, this is by no means a comprehensive list – and depending on the state and its available options, the definition of a Packers bar might change, from a true Packers hangout to a place that at worst seems welcoming to Wisconsinites. But hopefully, with this list, no matter where you are in America, you won't be without America's true team – and friendly fans to cheer them on.

Here are 50 Packers bars across the U.S. – and then some.


The Casual Pint
2 Off Broadway Street NW
Huntsville, Alabama 35806

It may be Crimson Tide country, but this Huntsville bar is awash in green and gold with Packers-colored decor (including a Green Bay flag, so it's not just a coincidence) and a menu featuring Sconnie staples like cheese curds and Johnsonville brats – sometimes $2 off in honor of its Packers Sunday watch parties.


Crossroads Lounge
1402 Gambell St.
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

According to the Anchorage Daily News, the Crossroads Lounge is "truly a Packers bar" with a crowd of green and gold faithful gathering for each game – proving that, even at the top of the world, you can find a Packers bar. Another popular recommendation, though, is The Peanut Farm – though that apparently brings in fans of all franchises, most notably New Orleans. They also claim to have invented the Duck Fart shot so ... there's that as well.


20283 N. Lake Pleasant Rd., Ste 110
Peoria, Arizona 85382

You should never judge a book by its cover ... unless it's CheezHeadz, which is exactly what its cover implies: a Packers-inspired pizza place, restaurant and bar with game day gatherings and even a menu featuring pizzas like The Lombardi and the Reggie White, a sub called the Lambeau Leap and burgers ranging from the Sheboygan (a brat burger) to the Hodag Jr.


Tailgaters Pub and Grub
8100 Warden Rd.
Sherwood, Arkansas 72120

Unfortunately, while Packers Everywhere points out a few bars in Arkansas as Packers hangouts, an investigation into them reveals very little green and gold to report. But Tailgaters seems like our kind of dive – and while it doesn't look too Sconnie-centric, surely you can find some Arkansas Razorbacks fans to complain about Bret Bielema with.


The Local Tap
600 Third Street
San Francisco, California 94107

If you're in Los Angeles, the Packers hangout you'll want to hit is Mom's Bar, the self-proclaimed "Southern California home of the Green Bay Packers" with the giant inflatable Packers player out front to prove it. However, considering this year's playoffs, San Francisco is your most likely destination – and there, you'll want to hit The Local Tap, a hub for Packers fans complete with deals and even a cheese curd eating contest earlier this season.


Swanky's Vittles and Libations
1938 Blake St.
Denver, CO 80202

Colorado used to have one of the finest Packers bars in the Rocky Flats Lounge, a beloved hangout with all the games and even a Wisconsin fish fry. Unfortunately, a fire in wiped out the bar in 2015, and though it tried a comeback recently, it's been replaced by the similarly named (but not quite as similarly cheesehead-approved) Rocky Flats Bar & Grill. The spirit of the original lives on, though, as the Rocky Flats Lounge Facebook page keeps Packers fandom alive – as well as hopes for a rebirth of the bar. So root for that – and, in the meantime, root for the Pack at Swanky's Vittles and Libations, an official Packer Backers bar in Bronco country. How do you know it's an official Packer Backers bar? Sconnies drank it dry a year and a half ago.


Aunt Chilada's
3931 Whitney Ave.
Hamden, Connecticut 06518

The Northeast is unkind to Packers fans – or the bars they patron. There was once Callahan's Cafe in New Haven for Green Bay fans to unite ... but that closed. Then there was Brennan's Shebeen, another popular Packers fan hangout that went the way of the Detroit Lions and died. Packers Everywhere lists a few Pack-friendly Connecticut bars, but they all have about the same level of green and gold – which is to say not very much at all. So I'll go with Aunt Chilada's, if only because they have something called the Big Butt Burrito Challenge.


McGlynn's Pub
8 Polly Drummond Shopping Ctr
Newark, Delaware 19711

Credit to Delaware: The state gave us impressive rookie safety Darnell Savage, who was born and went to high school in the Diamond State. Unfortunately, the state doesn't give us a lot of Packers bar options, with none of the Packers Everywhere options sporting much Green Bay spirit. The Northeast strikes again! Considering the other two are overtly Eagles bars on their Facebook pages, I'll roll with McGlynn's – but your best bet might be to just roll through Delaware on your travels.

District of Columbia

Hamilton's Bar & Grill
233 2nd St. NW
Washington D.C. 20001

Washington's a divisive place these days, but there's nothing but unity at Hamilton's – as long as you're rocking a cheesehead. A Packers HQ for most of a decade, this bar united people of all parties for the best party: Lambeau on the Hill, a Green Bay fan group that claims this D.C. bar as Packers territory during the big games. Who cares about left or right when you're all gathered under the green and gold?


Slackers Bar & Grill
995 Marina Mile Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315

Considering no one in Florida is from Florida, much less roots for Florida sports teams, it shouldn't surprise you that Packers bars are a popular sight. But no one does it up like Slackers in Fort Lauderdale, which claims to be the largest Packers bar in the state. Considering they have a cheesehead in their logo, multiple menu items specifically labeled as Wisconsin favorites and special events – including an end-of-season raffle giving away Spotted Cow beer and even a custom Packers car hood – we tend to believe them.


TJ's Sports Bar & Grill
2880 Holcomb Bridge Rd.
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022-1609

The University of Georgia Bulldogs logo is essentially the gritty reboot of the Packers logo, so of course there's Green Bay bars in Georgia. The place to go, though, is TJ's Sports Bar & Grill, which plays host to the Atlanta Green Bay Packer Club and comes highly recommended by the Atlanta Packer Backers (though they list some other quality Green Bay bars in the area as well).


Quinn's Almost By the Sea
75-5655 Palani Rd.
Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740

Even far, far away from the mainland, you can still get your Packers fix, as Quinn's Almost By the Sea claims the title of the southernmost official Packers bar in the United States with regular viewing parties with your fellow snowbirds in a fully decked-out Green Bay bungalow. More evidence that while you can escape the Midwestern cold, much like Kirk Cousins or Mitch Trubisky, you can never escape the Packers.


Hyde Park Pub & Grill
1501 N. 13th St.
Boise, ID 83702

Boise may be most famous for its blue football field, but it turns out they've got some love for the Frozen Tundra as well with this pub, which is noted in multiple Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews as a fun and active Packers bar – complete with cheese curds on the menu and a Green Bay G logo in a heart on its website. One particular comment says, "Do not go here if you aren't a Packers fan on game day," which might as well be a Bat signal for Packer fans.


Will's Northwoods Inn
3030 N. Racine Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657

If you're trapped in Bears country for a Packers game, well, I feel terrible for you – but thankfully, hope is not lost. Will's Northwoods Inn can be your green and gold oasis in a desert of double doinks, serving up a menu of tasty bar foods – including Sconnie favorites like poutine, cheese curds and a "Badger burger" – and Sunday drink deals as well as packing in plentiful Packers fans to celebrate the team's latest win over Chicago.


The District Tap
3720 E. 82nd St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

Oddly enough, for a close Midwestern neighbor, true Green Bay Packers bars are difficult to track down in Indiana. There is, however, an active and enthusiastic Indy Packer Backers group that's been calling this cozy Indianapolis pub home in recent years. That's undoubtedly your best bet.


Wisco Grub & Pub
3015 Merle Hay Rd.
Des Moines, Iowa

You can't find a more Wisconsin-friendly bar in Iowa than one with "Wisco" right there in the name. Opened in 2018 by a family of transplanted Milwaukeeans, Wisco Grub & Pub serves up a menu of pretzel-crusted cheese curds, beer brats, Sheboygan Polish sausages and familiar fish fry favorites. And then, of course, like any proper Wisconsin bar, they throw a shindig for the big games, featuring Jello shots for each good guys touchdown and domestic beer deals.


Nelson's Landing
107 Erpelding St.
Leonardville, Kansas 66449

Jordy Nelson may no longer be with us (OK, he's retired not dead, Matt; pump the breaks on the melodrama) but his family's restaurant in his hometown of Leonardville still lives on as half eatery, half sports bar hangout and half shrine to one of Green Bay fandom's favorite Packers. OK, that's three halves – but Jordy deserves extra.


Saints Pizza and Pub
131 Breckenridge Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40207

Don't be fooled by Saints being in the name; this bar and restaurant is where the official Louisville Packers fan club meets for games – so much so that the upstairs Skybox area becomes the Lambeau Loft.


American Sports Saloon
1200 Decatur St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

Packers Everywhere and some online reviews list Saints & Sinners as a Green Bay bar ... but it has Saints in the name. In New Orleans. Come on now. Also: a cursory glance at its Facebook page reveals very little Packers action. Also also: It's created by Channing Tatum – and as much as we love "21 Jump Street," Saints & Sinners seems more "Magic Mike" than Mike Holmgren Way. So we nominate American Sports Saloon, which has "sports" right there in the name and which the Packers Everywhere Fans of New Orleans Facebook group calls home.


Hero's Sports Grill
41 Washington St.
Bangor, Maine 04401

The Northeast is the least yet again. While Packers Everywhere includes three Packers bars in the state, none seem very active on the Packer backing front. But here's a random bit of history: In 1959, the city of Bangor paid the Packers and Giants to play an exhibition game in honor of the city's 125th anniversary. (It was a very different time.) So maybe pay tribute to this odd bit of trivia by visiting Hero's Sports Grill in Bangor, home of the most random Packers game in history.


All American Steakhouse
1502 Annapolis Rd.
Odenton, Maryland 21113

Crab may be the star in Maryland, but you can still find plenty of cheese in the Old Line State – or at least cheeseheads. The fan group Maryland Cheeseheads meets to watch the Pack's latest spat at All American Steakhouse, which offers drink specials as well as bratwurst during Green Bay games. And if some reason you're not craving brats, you're in a steakhouse – so you're eating well no matter what.


The Banshee
934 Dorchester Ave.
Boston, Massachusetts 02125

You'd think if there was one place in the dreaded Northeast that would be desolate for Packers fans, it'd be Tom Brady territory. And yet, if you head over to this Green Bay Packers Reddit thread, you'll find seven supposed Packers bars – headlined by the highly recommended The Banshee, which is the Boston fan group's meeting spot of choice. Take that, Tom Brady.


1965 W. Maple Rd.
Troy, Michigan 48084

The Lions can't provide much of a roar, so it's up to Packers fans to help out there – and when they're around the Motor City, they should hit up Bailey's in Troy. After all, that's where the Detroit area Packers fan group goes when they want to gather and watch a non-futile football team.


The Herkimer
2922 Lyndale Ave. S
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

Stuck in Vikings territory and need a place to watch the Packers game and make fun of the Skol chant in peace? The Herkimer is the answer to your question, bringing green and gold crowds in and out of the Minneapolis hotspot with the games on its TVs, plentiful seating for all the faithful, food and drink deals, and even a Packers fan mug club. There's just one question left: What the heck is a herkimer?


Broke Spoke
6358 Kiln-Picayune Rd.
Kiln, Mississippi 39556

The Broke Spoke barely qualifies as Packers bar – at this point, it's more of a Saints hang – and heck, it barely even qualifies as a bar. It's more of a shack with drinks in it. But for Packers fans, it's still pretty much a requisite visit thanks to the most famous man to come from Kiln, Mississippi: Brett Favre, who made the bar famous along with his family during his gunslinger days. The bar still has plenty of Packers pride throughout it as well, from green and gold barstools to signs on the walls – plus the bartenders and owners have plenty of stories from Favre's glory days to share. So it's not just a bar; it's more like the oddest, grimiest museum you've ever been able to drink in.


Leinie Lodge & Beer Garden
1323 Walnut St.
Kansas City, Missouri 64106

The St. Louis Packer Backers fan group calls Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill in Webster Groves home – but what could feel more like home than a trip to Chippewa Falls in the middle of Kansas City? That's what you'll find at the Leinie Lodge & Beer Garden, bringing a taste of Wisconsin's finest foamy export – beer – to Missouri, complete with Packers watch parties with $3 domestics, $4 Leinie's drafts, half-off select food items and, of course, a good supply of fellow fans.


Bullwinkle's Saloon & Eatery
115 N. Canyon St.
West Yellowstone, Montana 59758

This out-West restaurant has a backstory behind its Green Bay backdrop – involving some Wisconsin-set meet-cutes, family roots and more. But all you really need to know is Bullwinkle's has Packers love on its walls and in its seats, bringing some green and gold to Yellowstone.


Danny's Bar & Grill
2007 N. 72nd St.
Omaha, Nebraska 68134

"All Packers, all the time" promises this Nebraska bar – Omaha's official Green Bay Packers bar, at that. It's not just talk, either, as the bar features Sconnie-approved food deals on game days – including a plate of homemade brats and cheese curds for less than $5 – and more than 30 years as the city's biggest Packer backer hangout.


Rum Runner Lounge
1801 E. Tropicana Ave.
6658 Boulder Hwy.
3050 E. Desert Inn Rd., #130
Las Vegas, Nevada

You don't need luck if you're looking for a Packers bar in Las Vegas. You just need to know where to look – and look no further than the Rum Runner Lounge, with three locations in the Sin City area that gather big crowds for Packers games and, to complete the Sconnie experience, cook up hot dogs and brats at halftime for a true tailgate vibe. Hopefully the welcome atmosphere doesn't change when the Las Vegas Raiders come to town and give the city its own team – but considering the original owner is a Tomah native, we figure the odds are in our favor.

New Hampshire

Paddy's An American Grille
27 International Dr.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

Ah, the Northeast – the "Mad Max: Fury Road"-esque wasteland for Packers fans. New Hampshire is no different, but at least according to Packers Everywhere, there's Paddy's An American Grille. Now, a glance at the bar and restaurant's Facebook page shows no sign of Packers pride, but they have beer, food and TV screens – and for Packer fans stuck in the desert of options that is the Northeast, that's enough.

New Jersey

Blue 42
158 Market St.
Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407

Blue may be in the name, but this Jersey bar bleeds green and gold. Even before stepping in, there's a Packers flag greeting you outside – and then inside, you'll find crowds of fellow Green Bay backers as well as plenty of gear, memorabilia scattered across the walls and the game on all the TVs. Because who else are you going to watch in New Jersey: the Giants?

New Mexico

Howie's Sports Page
12500 Montgomery Blvd NE, Ste 133
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111

Surely there's no Packers bars in New Mexico, right? Wrong, strawman argument I've created in the name of a blurb opening! There's Howie's Sports Page, which proudly shows off a Green Bay gathering watching the game at the top of its Facebook page, features plenty of Packer decor on its walls and is included on Packers Everywhere. Plus, on Sundays, there's deals on Bloody Marys and Jello shots, in case you need more convincing.

New York

Kettle of Fish
59 Christopher St.
New York, New York 10014

According to its website, this NYC neighborhood pub was a hangout for Jack Kerouac and Bob Dylan. But who cares about those guys, because more importantly, it's now a hotspot for Packers fans looking to watch the big game in the Big Apple. Plus it's owned by a Sconnie transplant, so it's authentic green and gold, full with the Green Bay faithful and fully decked out in Packers decor (as well as Brewers gear if you're looking for a place to catch the Crew on the road as well).

North Carolina

Blackfinn Ameripub Ballantyne
14825 Ballantyne Village Way #100
Charlotte, NC 28277

Two floors of Pack Attack awaits you at the Blackfinn Ameripub at Ballantyne, the home base for the Charlotte Packers fan club – which shows up for big games with giveaways and the occasional Spotted Cow. An bonus shoutout, though, to the Foggy Mountain Brewpub in Asheville as well, which also throws Sunday Fundays around the green and gold complete with drink deals on High Life, mimosas and Bloody Marys. It may be North Carolina, but considering these options, it might as well be Lambeau Field South.

North Dakota

Joey's Sports Bar
16 S. Main St.
Crosby, North Dakota 58730

According to the map, Joey's Sports Bar looks about as close to Canada as you can get. But whether you're in North Dakota or Wisconsin, the United States or Canada, you're in Packers country – that's at least the case at Joey's Sports Bar, which is Packers Everywhere approved and, according to its Facebook page, well decorated in green and gold. Then again, that might be in honor of the North Dakota State Bison, who also rock the green and yellow ... but no matter the case, you won't look out of place in a Packers jersey!


On Tap Pub
1514 Bethel Rd.
Columbus, Ohio

There's some word on the internet of Rhinehaus in Cincinnati representing the Pack well as an official Packers hangout, so if you're in that part of Ohio, give that soccer-heavy spot a shot. However, we'll tag the On Tap Pub as the pick here, partly because of the many Google reviews that note its Packers cheer – with the Packers gear and decor to prove it – partly because it's the official bar of the Buckeye Packer Backers and mostly because that fan group's website describes its history at this little Columbus dive in such illustrious terms ... even though it's just the tale of a guy telling another guy to get satellite television.


Remingtons Sports Bar
1902 E. 71st St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136

Generally speaking, hotel bars are nothing to get excited about, places to quick grab a drink when you're on the road and feeling tired – or at least not feeling particularly adventurous. Remingtons is an exception, however – as long as you'r a Packers fan. Tucked inside the Tulsa Southern Hills Marriott, the bar is the home base for the city's Packers Backers club.


1004 N. Killingsworth St.
Portland, Oregon 97217

Portland is a very trendy town – and over the past decade, a Wisconsin-themed bar has been one of its trendiest spots, serving up tasty craft brews, cheese curds, pasties and, most importantly, the Green Bay game every Sunday, complete with a healthy crowd of Packer Backers cheering on the good guys in a green and gold decked tavern. And here's a bonus bar: Corbett Fish House, whose website has a whole tab dedicated to its Packers fandom.


1100 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Of course the place named after dairy would be a Packers bar. This two-floor Philly bar has become such a Green Bay faithful favorite that it has its own Facebook fan group – and considering there are drink specials and free wings and cheese curds at halftime, you can see why!

Rhode Island

Buffalo Wild Wings
400 Bald Hill Rd.
Warwick, Rhode Island

So here's some sad news: There's no Packers bar in Rhode Island. Not even Packers Everywhere has one listed. Even by the cruel standards of the Northeast, it's a Packers dead zone. Then again, there's barely enough room for people in tiny little Rhode Island, much less a Packers bar. There are two Buffalo Wild Wings locations, though, so ... uh, there's that. Improve, Rhode Island.

South Carolina

203-B N. Goose Creek Blvd
Goose Creek, South Carolina 29445

Looking for a green and gold gem in South Carolina? Look no further than Sapphire's, which sports multiple online reviews praising its Packers-ness, Wisconsin-style fish fry on Fridays, Packers gear on the walls and, of course, the game on its TV screens. Plus, any place with this image as its Facebook header photo is a friend of ours.

South Dakota

The Schnitz
217 S. 5th St.
Menno, South Dakota 57045

Decked out with Packers flags and decor across its walls, if you find yourself in South Dakota for a big game, The Schnitz is the place to go. Also: What's not to love about a bar called "The Schnitz"?


117 2nd Ave N
Nashville, Tennessee 37201

We were all Titans fans when they played (AND BEAT!) the Patriots in the playoffs this year – but now it's the Packers time. And if you're looking for the sweet sound of fellow cheering cheeseheads in Music City, Benchmark is your place, with very active viewing parties, Packers decor all over the walls and even a proudly displayed certificate of Official Packers Establishment-dom from team president and CEO Mark Murphy.


Bender's Sports & Spirits
18110 Midway Rd Suite 188
Dallas, TX 75287

For more than 30 years, Vernon's was the the hangout for Dallas-based Packers fanatics – but unfortunately, the bar closed this past May. Somehow this feels like Jerry Jones' fault. But when one bar door closes, another opens – and Bender's has taken up the task for Green Bay fans in the area, serving as the official meeting place and party spot for the North Texas Cheddarheads fan group. (Or maybe they should be called the Quesoheads?)


Fiddler's Elbow
1063 E. 2100 S
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Surprise: Utah's not quite a bar haven. However, I dipped into some horrifying waters – aka a Minnesota Vikings Reddit thread – where they were complaining about how Fiddler's Elbow featured a large contingency of Packers fans for a recent game. And is that a Packers flag I see hanging from the ceiling in this photo? And some Packers fans gathered in another? I may be stretching here – but it's Utah. You gotta work with what you've got.


Hostel Tevere
203 Powderhound Rd
Warren, Vermont 05674

Remember how the Northeast is a wasteland to Packers fans? Welp, that continues into Vermont, which doesn't have any particularly dedicated Packer Backer bars – and not even any Green Bay players past or present to give me a reason to say, "Check out a Buffalo Wild Wings in this little hamlet."

Packers Everywhere lists four Packers bars, but none feature any Packers cheer on their Facebook pages or official websites, so if I had to choose one, I'd go with Hostel Tevere because it's a bar you can sleep at, and it looks like the loveliest little winter cabin. None of that is particularly useful to Packers fans looking for a rowdy crowd to watch the game with ... but it would appear Vermont isn't very useful to Packers fans, period.


Mackie's Bar & Grill
907 King St.
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

What's that hanging out in front of this bar and grill? Why yes, that is a proud Packers flag. And it's not just for a splash of color either, as Mackie's hosts viewing parties throughout the season as well.


1703 E. Olive Way
Seattle, WA 98102

Stuck in Seahawks country for their big playoff spat this weekend? No worries; Kessler's has your back as a major Green Bay watch party hangout – so much so that, for this weekend's upcoming spat against the Seahawks, they're taking advance table reservations. When it comes to watching the Pack in the Emerald City, Kessler's is a diamond in the Seahawks-rooting rough.

West Virginia

Mountaineer Sports Lounge
3224 E. Cumberland Rd.
Bluefield, West Virginia 24701

Listen, things are sparse in West Virginia for Packers fans. Packers Everywhere only lists three Packers bars – and one of them is dead. Between the remaining two, your best bet is the Mountaineer Sports Lounge, which is mainly a bowling alley. Because while it's not much of a Packers headquarters, what's more Sconnie than bowling?


Are you serious?

If it's a bar in Wisconsin, it's a Packers bar – though if you need some guidance, here you go.


Uncle Fredie's Junkyard Grill
2209 S. Douglas Hwy
Gillette, WY 82718

Wyoming is the second least densely populated state in the union, with only six citizens per square mile – making Packers bars just as sparse. Packers Everywhere has a few options, with your best bet being Uncle Fredie's considering they've at least gotten a visit from some green and gold good luck gnomes.

Across the globe

184 Rue Saint-Jacques
75005 Paris, France

Packers fandom can't be contained by mere oceans! Indeed, if you ever find yourself across the Atlantic, you can still find your fellow football fans at WOS Bar, the official Packers bar of Europe – complete with visits from Davante Adams and Danica Patrick to prove it.


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