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Fave old MKE restaurants
Though some restaurants have long lives, many more seem to come and go. Here are a few from the past that I miss.
"Nightmare" meets MSO
Paul Tennessen first bedazzled his home in Halloween decorations and now the Riverside Theater, too. The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra performs the score to the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas" on Sunday and tickets are still available.
Best sandwich
Bavette, located in the Third Ward, is a butcher shop and cafe owned and operated by Chef Karen Bell. Crafting sandwiches using sustainably raised meat products, Bavette also operates as a full-service butcher shop. Since it's opening in 2013, the shop has served the residents of the Third Ward and beyond with custom meat cutting, daily menu changes, and craft beers.
40 acts of kindness
Turning 40 is a major milestone. But instead of celebrating this midlife marker with black balloons or a pity party, Tiffany Ogle, the co-host of "The Morning Blend" is choosing to make a difference.