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IronwoodDrive Financial
Michael Sheppard, the founder and managing partner of IronwoodDrive Financial Group, didn't come from a background in finance. He went to school to become an electrical engineer, and was later signed as an undrafted free agent by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, when football didn't pan out, Sheppard turned his attention to the financial services industry, where he is one of a very small minority of African Americans in his field.
Bartender Confidential
Jessica Schlitz is a career bartender. Over the years, she's worked all over Milwaukee, mostly Downtown and in Riverwest, and at one point, owned the long-gone Orbit in Walker's Point. With her years of experience, the 46-year-old Mequon native has seen a lot. But now that she's not currently bartending, she's willing to tell the stories most bartenders would never divulge.
Handen Distillery
In the Milwaukee area, one need only look to Cedarburg's Handen Distillery, W62 N590, Washington Ave., for an example of the influence women have had and are continuing to have in the world of whiskey.
Madison's State Line
While it waits for its whiskey to come of age, Madison's State Line Distillery has created seven spirits and is hoping to give Milwaukee more chances to taste them in 2020.