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This is Aaron Rodgers' dog. His name is Chance and he's a very good dog. Yes, he is. (PHOTO: Instagram)

Aaron Rodgers' dog is on Instagram and he just blasted the best 'gram

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn have an adopted Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Chance that Munn rescued from a puppy mill in late 2014. The dog, who the actress says was trained by Rodgers in a day and a half (get Jeff Janis on that program!), lives with the couple and has made frequent appearances in Munn's social media posts and is pretty much the luckiest, happiest, cutest, best dog of all dogs.

(Apologies for reassigning that distinction from Hank the Ballpark Pup, whose star has faded after reports of his death were greatly exaggerated and the team held a press conference to prove his realness and then he, as a dog, won a dumb award for Inspirational Person of the Year.)

Chance now has his own Instagram account – actually he's had it for two months, but, you know, slow news day – and he definitely has more followers than you or us. Anyway, he's been Insta-ing very hard like a good boy and, on Friday, Chance blasted his best gram yet.


A photo posted by Chance Rodgers (@chancerodgers12) on

Happy Friday! God bless this wonderful dog and his beautiful, glamorous owners.

Here are some more pictures of Chance with Rodgers, including a couple where the pup is nuzzled up with the Packers quarterback's prized, MVP-winning right arm. Careful, Chance! That's his Hail Mary-heaving arm!

Dog's best friend

A photo posted by Chance Rodgers (@chancerodgers12) on


A photo posted by Chance Rodgers (@chancerodgers12) on


A photo posted by Chance Rodgers (@chancerodgers12) on

🐻🐉🐶 #squadgoals

A photo posted by Chance Rodgers (@chancerodgers12) on



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