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Brett Favre was the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers from 1992 until 2007.

Brett Favre turned 48; watch him age through his career with this morphing GIF

Brett Favre turned 48 years old on Tuesday, and thankfully he didn't mark the occasion with an un-retiring comeback announcement.

Yeah, the legendary ol' gunslinger seems at last content just to mow his lawn, appear in compression-sleeve and razor commercials and dabble in coaching, broadcasting and business ventures.

But to celebrate No. 4's 48th birthday, the guys over at the sportsbook put together a morphing GIF that shows Favre aging through his 20-season NFL career – from 1991, as a fresh-faced rookie with the Atlanta Falcons, to his All-Pro prime with the Green Bay Packers, and his grizzled final years with the New York Jets and (shudder) the Minnesota Vikings.

Favre was indisputably great and a whole helluva lot of fun to watch, but he certainly battled some demons during his early Green Bay days – in 1996 Favre was temporarily banned by the NFL from drinking alcohol, and he spent time in a drug rehab clinic after admitting he was addicted to Vicodin – so it's interesting to examine (admittedly, over-analyze) his appearance and face shape from those years.

The iron-man holder of almost every Packers passing record was traded to the Jets in 2008 after an initial retirement and falling-out with Green Bay, and he joined the Vikings the next season. Last October, during a game against the Cowboys, the Packers honored Favre's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with a halftime ceremony, recognizing him on the field and unveiling his name on the Lambeau Field stadium façade.

Last month, we brought you BetOnline's morphing GIF of Aaron Rodgers, and now the good people over there have given us the aesthetic evolution of his Hall-of-Fame predecessor.

Just like with Rodgers and Tom Brady, though, the handsome-quarterback aging curve is enviably unquestionable. And it's nice to see that Favre, like Rodgers, went through a fun little moustache phase, before settling into his stubbly, salt-and-pepper veteran look.

According to Ryan Taylor, who handles public relations for Sports Betting, the animated GIF is produced by manually lining up similar points between two images (corner of the eyes, corners of the mouth, hairline, etc.), repeating that process over and over and over, and then layering the images on top of one another. Special software then generates the transition effect between each image.

Anyway, I still think Favre's mountain-man retirement look is his best:

Who do you want to see a morphing GIF of next, Milwaukee? Ryan Braun? Sam Cassell? Let us know in the comments!


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