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Everyone's a Bucks fan right now - as we should be. (PHOTO: Ian Abston)

There are no fair-weather Bucks fans right now

This piece originally ran on May 8, 2019. LET'S GO BUCKS!

The Bucks are going all the way this season. OK, fine, now I'm feeling the jinxies so I'll rephrase: The Bucks are going all the way this season KNOCK ON (BASKETBALL COURT) WOOD.

And so, Milwaukee, it is time to support the team. Period.

There are no fake fans or posers or "my Bucks fandom is way bigger than your Bucks fandom" at this point. It's perfectly OK to be a Bucks basic bitch right now. Every Milwaukeean should be an anti-vaxxer when it comes to Deer Fever.

Never busted out a Bucks shirt until two weeks ago? Awesome. Only discovered this season that his name is pronounced "Yonnis" not "Gee-on-iss"? Perfectly fine. Seating is still available on the Bucks bandwagon so hop on and hold on. Maybe double up on your motion sickness meds – it's going to be a fast and bouncy ride.

Consider this a permission slip to cheer for the deer without fear during this field trip through the finals. After all, we're adults – sort of, mostly, even reluctantly at times – thus there are so few events in our lives that we look forward to, so few events that excite us like the anticipation before a game, the rush of endorphins during a game and the sweet, sweet satisfaction of a victory.

We have a chance, right now, through the Bucks, to unify as a city around something that pumps up the people, increases revenue in the city and infuses Downtown with a positive, frenetic vibe.

Did you vote for Trump? It doesn't matter. Do you feel the Bern? Who cares. The green and cream unites the red, white and blue. And I should know because I became a fan this season. So come @ me. No, don't. Use the energy to cheer on our freaking amazing Bucks.


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