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Welp, that's another drink! (PHOTO: Dan Garcia)

Drink in the postseason excitement with the Bucks Playoffs drinking game

The Milwaukee Bucks' run to the NBA Finals continues into the Eastern Conference Finals tonight with Game 4 of the team's seven-game postseason match against the Toronto Raptors. But the fun and games don't need to be restricted to just the basketball court.

To help make the most of this playoff push – and by "make the most," we mean "drink the most" – we've created this half-serious, half-silly 2019 Milwaukee Bucks NBA Playoffs drinking game.

Feel free to mix things and add some of your own rules to this list – and, of course, go Bucks go! Light it up, light it up!

Take a drink ...

  • Whenever Giannis slams home a dunk. (We're so sorry; you may be blackout drunk by halftime.)
  • Whenever Brook "Splash Mountain" Lopez splashes in a three.
  • Every time Shaq, Charles Barkley or any of the other sports commentators stumble over and/or mispronounce "Giannis Antetokounmpo."
  • Any time Ersan Ilyasova takes a charge.
  • Khris Middleton misses a shot, causing a nearby Bucks fan to complain that he's not actually that good. (Take a bonus drink if he finishes the game with a positive +/- and/or more than 25 points.)
  • Anytime you see an pregame segment or montage involving an awkwardly forced movie sponsor tie-in.
  • Anytime you see a Michael Redd jersey.
  • Every time TNT analyst Reggie Miller says something obnoxious and/or stupid.

Take a shot ...

  • Any time a friend or relative accidentally calls Fiserv Forum "the Bradley Center."
  • Every time the television broadcast cuts to a fan wearing a cheesehead, or throws to or comes back from a commercial break with footage of farmland as if there's notable farmland in Milwaukee. (Old habits die hard for lazy TV producers.)
  • Every time Ryan Hollins claims that Giannis can't close out games. (Add an extra shot if he says this while clips of Giannis closing out games play on screen.)
  • Any time TNT host Ernie Johnson makes a very specific reference to Wisconsin and you happily remember, "That's right! He grew up in Wauwatosa!"
  • Any time you read a headline or rumor about Jason Kidd getting another NBA coaching job.

Pour one out ...

  • For the 2018-19 Green Bay Packers whenever the camera cuts to Aaron Rodgers sitting in the crowd at Fiserv Forum.

Spit out your drink ...

  • Any time Bonzie Colson checks into a game.

Finish your drink ...

  • When the Bucks win. 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5


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