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Get on your feet and give a standing ovation for standing desks! (PHOTO: Sarah Utech/Steinhafels)

Steinhafels: The popularity and health benefits of new sit/stand desks

Editor's note: The following sponsored content was provided by Steinhafels.

There are some home office desks on the market that give new meaning to having a "desk job."

This month, we're taking a closer look at the rising popularity of adjustable-height desks for our OnMilwaukee Sponsored Content article. The adjustable-height desk phenomenon started several years ago in the commercial office market and is now making its way into the home office niche.

These desks give people the freedom to work while sitting or standing by allowing users to easily adjust the height of the desk. Here at Steinhafels, we want to make sure we are "rising" to this occasion!

Madeline Wray is an Assistant Buyer in the Accent Furniture Department. She says we currently have one sit/stand electronic desk option from Martin Furniture, that is stocked in two different styles: the Hartford and the Nuhaus.

Get more info about the Hartford Sit and Stand Desk.
Get more info about the Nuhaus Sit and Stand Desk.

There are additional sit/stand desk options available through special order. Wray says the desks are selling well, and she thinks they are definitely more than a fad. "I believe that sit/stand desks are going to continue to become a larger part of the home office category as more people learn about the flexibility and health benefits they have to offer."

Jamie Carlson of Carlson Wellness can attest to those health benefits. Carlson is a licensed massage therapist, and provides in-house massages to employees at the Steinhafels Corporate Store and Warehouse. She says that in today's high stress, fast-paced world, everyone could use a good massage! "A 'good massage' is subjective. Everybody's actions and stresses in life, good or bad, are so different. Those two things alone affect everybody differently. By giving each person an individualized massage and having a range of modalities and education to offer, I feel our massage therapists are able to give the 'good massage' to everyone."

(PHOTO: Jamie Carlson/Carlson Wellness)

However, if you can't get out to the masseuse each week, there are ways you can improve overall wellness in your everyday life. One of those ways is by transforming your desk job into a more active experience with a sit/stand desk! Carlson explains, "Desk jobs are hard on the body because there is limited movement for the body, but also because, if proper ergonomics aren't used, poor posture sets in. This can cause imbalance of your muscles leading to head and neck aches, back pain and pinching of the nerves."

Carlson says that sit/stand desks are a great way to keep your muscles engaged. However, like anything, there's a right and a wrong way to use them. "Your computer screen should be centered with your eyes so you aren't bending or turning your head one way or the other while you work. It is also important to be aware of where your keyboard and mouse are placed. Your shoulders should be able to drop down, and your hands shouldn't be at more than 90 degrees to reach the keyboard and mouse."

And don't forget proper footwear! Carlson adds, "Something to remember is your footwear if you are going to stand all day. Making sure your arches are properly aligned so your joints are balanced is very helpful to enjoying the standing desks. As far as footwear, I am a big proponent of having personalized insoles that are made specifically for the needs of your feet and posture."

Now that we've covered the health benefits, let's take a closer look at the style aspect of these desks. We know they are functional, but do they LOOK good? Wray exclaims, "Of course they look good! Plus, it's a great conversation piece to show off. There are many different styles available, giving customers a variety of options to choose from based on their style and needs."

Like we said before, Steinhafels currently only has one option in stock, but the category is quickly growing, and we have plans to expand our assortment in the near future, by adding additional styles and price points to appeal to all customers.

Wray is excited to see how the home office category continues to evolve, as the way we work seems to change every day. "It is always exciting to be part of a new trend or concept in the market!"

Check out this video of the Hartford Sit/Stand Desk in action:


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