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From Barrett to Walker and more, a poem to describe the gifts our politicians deserve. (PHOTO: David Bernacchi)

A Christmas poem for every politician from Barrett to Walker to Hillary

'Tis the night before Christmas
And it's time to note
The gifts that are given
To those who we vote

Politicians they are.
The leaders we heed.
So the gifts should reflect
All the stuff they do need.

Tom Barrett's the mayor,
His gift's a reaction
To what we all think
Is a lack of real action.

We like him so much
But he seems in a rut.
For Christmas let's give him
Fire under his butt.

Scott Walker did run
For the country's top job.
His performance on stage
Was the worst of the mob.

He's now back in Sconnie
He burned out his fuse.
Let Santa Claus deliver
Some charisma to use.

County executive's up
And nothing's amiss.
The next one will be
Surely named Chris.

A battle of wits
But Abele's got a stash.
Let's give Mr. Larson
A sock full of cash.

And our sheriff, dear lord.
He's our resident fool
And now he's become
Fox News' resident tool.

He's a tough guy to buy for
But we can't just say "drat!"
So we'll get him a horse
And a new cowboy hat.

Republicans on our list
Daily try to pillory
Their Democratic foe
They always call Billary.

For that old party so grand
To get over the hump
We'll fill up their stocking
With a lump name of Trump.

Hillary is ready
To tackle them all.
She's feisty and tough
Set for an inaugural ball.

There are things that are worrying
Before we regale
We'll give her a reason
For that crooked email.

Our president is leaving
So it's so long Barack.
You may miss the perks
But you'll not miss Iraq.

Our gift is so thoughtful
As befitting top brass.
From Milwaukee County
A lifetime golf pass.

To OnMilwaukee readers
Our credo we'll heed
To be honest and fun as
We hope you always read.

'Tis the night before Christmas
This year's been a ball
So my wish is easy
Merry Christmas to all.


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