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Female fest-goers solve public restroom problem

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There's been a load of emphatic public debate all over the country lately about who should be allowed to use which bathroom. And yet, for decades, women at the world's largest music festival in Milwaukee have consistently and quietly taken matters into their own hands to resolve restroom dissatisfaction.

Although it goes against Summerfest rules – which comply with laws – many women duck into the men's room when the lines are outrageously long for the ladies' loo.

"I peed in the men's room during the Lumineers show at the BMO Harris and have also used the ones at the Harley stage," says Carrie Bradley.

Bradley says using the men's room isn't uncomfortable for her. She doesn't look at the men standing at the urinals but will say hi to men at the sink.

"The guys are very accommodating and they totally get it," says Bradley.

But what if a woman gets caught using the men's room at Summerfest? Will she be scolded? Tossed out?

Sara Peronto, the marketing and public relations coordinator for Summerfest, says it depends on the particulars of the situation.

"If we receive a complaint from another patron or an employee related to restroom usage, we would review the facts of each complaint on a case by case basis, consistent with applicable laws," says Peronto.

Aside from the restrooms labeled "men's" and "women's," Summerfest has several family restrooms and 250 portable, unisex restrooms.

Bradley says she only uses the men's room when it's an "emergency" situation. "The men's rooms are way less crowded and there are no lines," she says. "After a night of drinking, when you gotta go, you really gotta go."

So, ladies: have you done it? Would you do it? And guys: how do you feel about having a woman in the bathroom? Personally, I admit to peeing in multiple men's rooms both at the Big Gig and beyond, but these days, as a representative of OnMilwaukee who really enjoys employment, I try not to break too many festival rules.


mbradleyc | July 6, 2016 at 6:01 p.m. (report)

It doesn't bother me at all. It's not sexual either.

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