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Dandelions podcast: Raising, celebrating kids of color

We feel especially strongly about this month's subject, "Raising and celebrating kids of color," because both of us are moms to black or brown sons and needless to say, we've been feeling all the feels about this lately and it felt good to share what the experience is like. No one dreams when they are looking at their tiny baby boy in an "I love mommy" onesie that someday they will have to tell them not to reach for their wallet if they get pulled over because they could get beaten or shot.

But there is so much light in this intense episode, too. It comes in the form of a 14-year-old girl named Isabella Busby. Isabella, who is African American, was at a peaceful protest with her mom in Shorewood and she stood up to an irate, white adult who felt inconvenienced by the event. She retells the story from her perspective and shares so much more about her plans to help her community schools become safe and informed spaces for students of color.

Black lives matter.

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