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Scatterbrains podcast: DJ M-Squared
June 13, 2014
For episode 15 I bring you the show's first musical guest, DJ M-Squared. Although, originally from Brooklyn, NY. M-Squared lives in Orlando, FL. where he has his own mural thanks to winning the #1 DJ by Red Bull. He was also on VH1's "Master of the Mix" reality show. You can now find him at his new residency at the Groove Universal City-Walk in Orlando June 21st and 28th, July 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th, as well as the Zen Awakening Festival in Winter Park, FL. on June 22nd. This is a fun packed show! I hope you're ready!and#8203;
Scatterbrains podcast: Comedian Matt Kemple
June 13, 2014
For our last show on OnMilwaukee.com I bring you local comedian, Matt Kemple. He also happens to run Wisconsin's Largest Comedy Festival, The Milwaukee Comedy Festival. We discuss how he started the festival, some Milwaukee favorites, and serial killers. This is a great sign off to OnMilwaukee.com! We will be signing back on with the Misfits Podcast Network next week!
Scatterbrains podcast: Porn Star Mia Isabella
June 6, 2014
For episode 14 I have a quick chat with the very talented, beautiful, and award winning Mia Isabella. We talk about her new projects, new scenes, and new life. We talk about the differences in PR and what and who works and doesn't. Although short, this interview is quite sweet! Get to know and love Mia Isabella!
Scatterbrains podcast: Podcast host John Papageorgiou
June 3, 2014
In today's show I bring you a blast from the past, host of In Pap's Basement, John Papageorgiou. We cover a lot of ground in this show, and I mean a lot. We talk podcasting, we talk porn, we talk marketing, we talk current events, we talk about a lot of stuff. Tune in and check out another hilarious interview!
Scatterbrains podcast: Blogger Melany Berger
May 30, 2014
In the 12th episode I get to pick the brains of a blogger, a very snarky blogger, Melany Berger. We start off discussing blogging, weird press inquires and her "Snark Tank." Bruce Jenner's "transformation," HDTV and it's ridiculousness, dating, and weird sex toys is a list of a few of the topics we hit. It can't get much better than this! and#8203;
Scatterbrains podcast: Psycho-Sexual Therapist Kate Moyle
May 27, 2014
Today we go over the pond via Skype to chat with psycho-sexual therapist, Kate Moyle. There is so much awesome and informative knowledge in this interview I don't even know where to start! We talk about everything from evolution, marriage, dating, therapy, being single, porn, movies, sex, addictions, monogamy, and so much more! This is an interview for anyone and everyone that has ever been in a relationship, so yeah, you!
Scatterbrains podcast: comedian Adam Hunter
May 23, 2014
For the 10th episode I have comedian, Adam Hunter. You may have seen him on the reality television show, Last Comic Standing, or possibly The Jay Leno Show. He also happens to host the MMA Roasted podcast for Fox Sports. We talk about comedy, we talk about porn, and things get real.
Scatterbrains podcast: Feminist Pornographer Sophie Delancey
May 20, 2014
Sophie Delancey hails from the great north of Canada. We waste no time and dig right into her VP position at an adult website. She tells us what feminist porn means to her and what her and the company are doing to bring about more awareness. We talk about ethics in porn, having better working conditions on sets, and bringing the sexy and sensuality back into porn. We also point out some sweet tricks to please a man that is not into the oral aspects of sexy-time. We dish out a lot of fun and naughty information, enjoy it!
Scatterbrains podcast: comedian Kevin Bartini
May 16, 2014
In episode 8 I have comedian, Kevin Bartini. He is the opening comic for The Daily Show and formally, The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Kevin and I talk about the ups and downs of being a traveling comedian and living life on the road. We discuss the different types of crowds and the worse and best types to perform in front of. Kevin also educates me on making his 1st comedy CD, and we talk podcasting. We also have a weird connected mid-life Nirvana ghost crisis. You'll just have to listen for yourself!
Milwaukee original and nationally touring comedian, Johnny Beehner, everybody!
May 15, 2014
Milwaukee-grown comedian, Johnny Beehner, talks about his upcoming performances and how his early comedy-career began.