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13 bar bathrooms to have sex in

Published June 30, 2015

We're not suggesting y'all run out and skeez up every stall in the city, but if you and your bar-hopping partner find yourselves in desperate need of privacy between sips, here's a list of local bars with serviceable bathrooms for "the sex."


Bartender Olympian: Tara Jade of Ashley's Que

Published Feb. 24, 2013

As gets ready to host its fifth annual Bartender Olympics, you can prepare to cheer on the competition by familiarizing yourself with future Milwaukee Bar Olympians, like Maddie from Cafe Centraal.


Early opener bars please third-shift partiers

Published Feb. 12, 2008

Up all night? Prefer to sleep in the afternoon? Work third shift, perhaps? Most of the time, bars open at 10 a.m. or later. But if you just have to party at the break of dawn, there are some bars in the area that are happy to serve you early.

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