Y-not ii


Featured bartender: Geo Kiesow from Up & Under, etc.

Published Feb. 1, 2017

Anyone who has spent time in East Side bars the past couple of decades will most likely recognize Geo Kiesow, the large-smiling, rock 'n' roll poet who has a gift for the mixing of Old Fashioneds.


Milwaukee's best bar for day drinking, 2014

Published Feb. 3, 2014

Believe it not, for as popular as day drinking is in Milwaukee, this category has not been a part of the OnMilwaukee.com Best of Bars voting since The Nomad won in 2009. Who took home the crown this year?


Coffeetails mixes coffee, booze and camaraderie

Published Nov. 30, 2013

Order a coffee drink at Coffeetails, connected to the Y-Not II, and feel free to get it with more than just cream or sugar. Frangelico, Baileys, Chambord, Kahlua, Godiva chocolate raspberry vodka or Rumchata - many of which are available in small "airplane" bottles - are just a few of the options.


Social Circle: Where would you have your last drink?

Published Jan. 14, 2012

It's a tough call, but if it really were last call - forever - where would you go for your final drink? Members of the Social Circle served up responses that ranged from lounges to garage bars.


Milwaukee's best Brady Street area bar, 2011: Wolski's

Published Feb. 22, 2011

The battle for Milwaukee's top Brady Street area bar has been a knock down drag out fight since we started polling readers. But one of the oldest bars in town, Wolski's Tavern, somehow managed to claw its way back to the top to become OnMilwaukee.com readers' top Brady Street area bar for the second year in a row.


On the town in Milwaukee: Friday night beats

Published Nov. 13, 2009

WiscoJazz Fridays celebrate three years of local and regional beats. Spinning everything from retro disco to deep house to hip-hop and funk, DJ's lukewarm, Edd Reynolds, and DJB jump started the collective back in the summer of 2004 and have spent Friday nights for the last three years spinning records at The Highbury Pub.


Milwaukee bars dish up free snacks

Published Nov. 4, 2004

OMC salutes local bars that offer complimentary noshes, especially those places boasting a bit more bar-top panache than the average bowl of stale pretzels. College students, penny pinchers and anyone with the munchies, this is your guide.