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What song is written in those musical notes on the I-794 ramp?

Published July 1, 2019

Recently, my friend Meaghan Heinrich - of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music - asked if I knew what the song was engraved into a concrete wall at the I-794 freeway ramp just outside the Summerfest grounds. I said, I didn't know it, but maybe if she hummed it for me...


Ramp changes coming for Hoan Bridge

Published Dec. 4, 2014

Beginning on the evening of Dec. 12, the Jackson/Van Buren Street exit ramp from I-794 East will be closed until further notice. That means "for a long time."


Closures, ahem, ramp up on I-794 project

Published Dec. 19, 2013

Perhaps you've noticed that sometimes the Lincoln Memorial Drive ramp to head west on I-794 is open and sometimes it's closed, leading you to enter just to the west at Jackson Street. Well, that Jackson Street entrance is closing now and there are other changes kicking in as part of the work on the Hoan and 794.


Win $2,100 for your school just for walking and cycling

Published Oct. 8, 2013

Thousands of Milwaukee Public Schools students and students across the world will be tying up their laces and pumping up their bike tires for International Walk and Bike to School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 9. "Walking and biking to school is a forgotten but easy way to be healthy and reduce pollution and helps kids arrive ready to learn" says Jessica Binder, Program and Policy Director for the Wisconsin Bike Fed. In addition, over $2,000 will be awarded to schools this fall.