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Marcus DeBack Playground renovation plans revealed

Published April 29, 2016

The MKE Plays program, which is helping to transform 12 of the city's most deteriorated playgrounds, will unveil plans for Marcus DeBack Playground during a news event Friday, April 29 hosted by the program's founder, Ald. Michael J. Murphy.


Rifle hunting expands throughout Wisconsin

Published Oct. 31, 2013

Stash is a guy who has lived his life in Wisconsin and is a profound devotee of one of the most hallowed traditions in this state. But even he's wondering about changes to the DNR's hunting regulations.


City hikes fees on cab rides, snow removal and more

Published July 31, 2009

Among the plethora of fee increases passed by the Milwaukee Common Council this week is a hidden one that will not effect the city coffers at all -- a substantial increase in taxi cab rates. Milwaukee already has among the highest cab rates country -- including, for a period of time, more expensive than rates in Chicago and Toronto.