First look: Lake Geneva Ice Castles

Published Jan. 29, 2019

In recent years, the renowned Ice Castles have slowly drifted closer to Milwaukee. Now, the incredible ice sculptures you can climb inside have landed on the beach at Lake Geneva, offering you the best chance ever to see these remarkable creations.


Summerfest 50: The 1990s

Published June 22, 2017

While Summerfest was finding its legs in the 1970s and growing bigger and bigger in the 1980s, the following decade was more one of building on the success of the Big Gig, entrenching it deeper into the Milwaukee psyche and lore.


Event can send youth on a better path

Published Jan. 21, 2015

Time Warner Cable, a Winterfest sponsor, and will add an educational element to the event by demonstrating how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) principles make activities like sledding possible.


Local nature centers celebrate winter this weekend

Published Jan. 20, 2014

This weekend alone, Wehr Nature Center in Franklin, Boerner Botanical Gardens in Hales Corners and Schlitz Audubon Nature Center in Bayside are all offering winter-themed events and celebrations.


It was 15 years ago today... Milwaukee in 1998

Published Sept. 11, 2013

Though 1998 was only 15 years ago, it feels like a lifetime. Milwaukee has changed dramatically in some ways since then. Here is a look back at Brew City and beyond in 1998.


Winter Fest says Milwaukee's got talent

Published Nov. 20, 2012

As part of its Winter Fest celebration, organizers are going to hold their own version of "America's Got Talent" - called "Milwaukee's Got Talent" - right at the Delta Center (which used to be the Frontier Airlines Center, which used to be the Midwest Express Center) on Dec. 28.


What should we do about winter?

Published Aug. 20, 2012

You can hardly go a night without some kind of entertainment or recreation or dining beckoning you to step outside and participate. Milwaukee gets summer. Now, what can we do about winter?


Anyone up for Finnish Fest?

Published Oct. 6, 2007

Would you attend an outdoor winter festival on the Summerfest grounds? I didn't think so.