Wedding week


Wedding music and entertainment guide

Published Jan. 28, 2018

Weddings: a celebration of bringing two people together as one couple ... and also a very good excuse to bring A LOT of people together to have a pretty terrific party. And what would that party be without music and entertainment?


A 12-month skin guide to be a blushing bride

Published Jan. 28, 2018

That perfect dress and flawless hair are just the start to a stunning entrance. But in order for your makeup to be blushing, your canvas needs to be prepped for perfection. Here is an easy 12-month skin guide to be the blushing bride you dream to be.


An expert's timeline for planning the perfect wedding

Published Jan. 27, 2018

If the thought of all this wedding planning is making you want to take a long walk down the liquor aisle, then this article is for you: a timeline for all you brides or grooms to be so you can get your wedding right - and right on time.


Milwaukee cupcake guide

Published Jan. 27, 2018

It's a go-to dessert for kids, a perfect offering at an elegant adult soiree, a sweet pick-me-up on the way home from the office and a fun alternative to colossal wedding cake? Here are some Milwaukee bakeries whose little cupcakes can make a big splash.


Guys: Meet Nas Laine, MKE's top new clothier; let him help with your suit

Published Jan. 27, 2018

The city's most enterprising, up-and-coming clothier didn't set out to be a suit guy. But men in Milwaukee should be very glad Nas Laine became one. Here's why NL Suits, which sells $495 made-to-measure custom suits that are done in two weeks, should outfit your wedding.


6 cultural wedding traditions practiced by Milwaukeeans

Published Jan. 25, 2018

In Milwaukee, we have our own wedding traditions (which are based on other heritages, of course) from polka bands to the tossing of the garter belt. But here are six world practices that have been woven into Wisconsin weddings.


What's your mother-of-the-bride style personality?

Published Jan. 25, 2018

Fashion talk often focuses entirely on the bride during wedding celebrations, but there's another woman who is also trying to look and feel her best: mom! Here's a look at a few of our favorite mother-of-the-bride dresses, based on some popular style personalities.


Historical rooms make great wedding venues

Published Jan. 25, 2018

There are a number of evocative weddings venues in Milwaukee that allow you to celebrate your future in a setting that conjures Brew City's past. While most of them won't come as much of a surprise, one of them just might.


Milwaukee small event spaces guide

Published Jan. 24, 2018

Whether your event is a cocktail party, meeting, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, holiday dinner or reception, many venues in Milwaukee can meet your needs - and here is a guide to just a few of those perfect party places.


6 on-trend fun ideas for your wedding reception

Published Jan. 24, 2018

Your wedding is likely to be one of the most special days of your life. But how do you make it truly special? One of the components in creating a unique, personalized celebration is definitely the food.


7 unique spots to rock your wedding registry

Published Jan. 23, 2018

You don't want to register at the same places everyone else does. You are unique! So I decided to track down some awesome unique places where you can have a wedding registry - and get exactly what you want.