Walter schroeder


Urban spelunking: Restoring Schroeder's Retlaw Hotel

Published Oct. 11, 2018

Though it's nowhere near as big as the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, The Hotel Retlaw towers over Fond du Lac's downtown just like the Hilton has long commanded respect on its own skyline, reminding us that Brew City hotelier Walter Schroeder left his mark on more than just his hometown. Now, it's getting its luster back.


Finding home and history at The Astor Hotel

Published Nov. 20, 2016

Despite being surrounded by the unfamiliar, I felt like I was cozily at home during my stay at The Astor Hotel - and that's a pretty impressive achievement for a hotel, especially when a guest's guts are actively staging a violent coup against him.


Urban spelunking: Schroeder Hotel/Hilton City Center

Published March 4, 2014

Milwaukee hotel magnate and philanthropist Walter Schroeder has left traces of himself across this city and the state. In some places he's rumored to have left his spirit to roam, too. But that's not the case at the Milwaukee Hilton City Center, 509 W. Wisconsin Ave. Here, instead, he left a more tangible and ornate legacy.