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Barry Alvarez's cabana gets major coverage from Wall Street Journal

Published Aug. 29, 2014

Former Wisconsin Badgers head football coach and current athletic director Barry Alvarez was profiled in the Wall Street Journal, but not for his accomplishments on the Madison campus. Instead, it was about his spectacular cabana behind his home.


Milwaukeean calls out Wall Street Journal on schools op-ed piece

Published Jan. 28, 2014

Jay Bullock tells the Wall Street Journal, "In short, what (the author of the article) has offered in your pages, dear Wall Street Journal, is an error-riddled piece of propaganda designed to elicit sympathy for a single school."


"Rodgers is gay" rumor is not media's finest hour

Published Jan. 10, 2014

The rapid spread to the mainstream media of the rumor that Aaron Rodgers is gay is a reminder that we live in "a Gawker/Buzz Feed world" ... and it makes Dave Begel unhappy.


Hackers get deep look into next "Grand Theft Auto" game

Published Sept. 2, 2013

A problem that arose last week, was that hackers were able to extract soundtrack and artwork files from a pre-sales version of "Grand Theft Auto 5" that was available for Play Station users in Europe.


Trocadero's "Frenchie" cheered on WSJ.com

Published May 22, 2011

Saturday's WSJ ran a story called "The Bloody Mary Makeover." It featured, among others, Trocadero's signature "The Frenchie" bloody mary.


WSJ road trips to Wisco

Published May 17, 2011

The Wall Street Journal realizes Wisconsin is more than a budget battleground and included the state in its "The Off Duty Guide to Savoring Summer."


The Wall Street Journal as we know it: R.I.P.

Published Oct. 5, 2007

The question now is: Will The Wall Street Journal retain that credibility? That is doubtful, now that the publication's parent company, Dow Jones, will be acquired by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., which owns and operates Fox News, the New York Post and other conservative media outlets.