Vulture space


Bike shop guide

Published June 1, 2019

Find your closest shop and get your bike tuned up for Wisconsin Bike Week.


Bike to Work Week 2013, May 13-18

Published May 8, 2013

Don't feel like you need to ditch your car. The overall goal is participation. Don't feel bad if you can't ride all seven days, but don't give up after only one. Take small steps towards enjoying riding a bike. If you find a problem, ask around for a solution; odds are someone has already figured it out. Bike to Work Week may not convert you to a spandex-loving gear head, but it might provide you with a new, fun weekly goal.


Vulture Space gives dead bikes new life

Published May 8, 2012

Grab your wheels -- next week, May 14-18, is Milwaukee's Bike to Work Week. Making things even easier for novice bikers this year is Vulture Space, a brand-new non-profit that provides bike stands and tools to fix, maintain and build bicycles conveniently located inside The Shops of Grand Avenue.