I went to Milwaukee, North Carolina, and here's what I found

Published Feb. 18, 2018

Our Milwaukee isn't the only Milwaukee. There's one in Oregon, which Molly Snyder wrote about in 2016, and a couple others. Are these other Milwaukees paying homage to our fair city? What are they like? I recently visited Milwaukee, North Carolina, and then wrote about it.


Our lake is truly great

Published March 12, 2013

People who are planning to visit Milwaukee often send me email, asking for suggestions of places to go. My suggestions are tailored to their interests and budget, but the last suggestion of what not to miss in Milwaukee is always the same.


Where would you take out-of-town guests this weekend?

Published Aug. 7, 2008

Two of my old friends from college are visiting this weekend for a final hurrah before Baby Tarnoff arrives in September. Thing is, they've each been here a handful of times over the years.