TLC delivers a dance party with old and new jams

Published Aug. 11, 2018

TLC's performance tonight at the Wisconsin State Fair took place at the intersection of memory and modern lanes, with a set list drawing from the first album, 1992's "Oooooooohhhh ... On the TLC Tip" to the latest self-titled and crowdfunded record that came out in 2017.


State Fair adds Huey Lewis and The News, TLC to headliner lineup

Published March 8, 2018

This morning the Wisconsin State Fair added two new headliners to its Main Stage lineup, with Huey Lewis and The News bringing the power of love on Saturday, Aug. 4, and TLC bringing the party - no scrubs invited! - on Friday, Aug. 10.


"Made in Milwaukee" episodes back on DIY

Published March 28, 2014

Last year, Jeremy Shamrowicz and his team at Flux Design were in the spotlight for home renovations on "Made In Milwaukee" on the DIY network. For those of you that missed the shows the first time around, DIY will re-run a number of episodes in April.


TLC: Thanks for dumbing it down for us

Published Aug. 14, 2012

I remember not too long ago when satellite and cable television were going to be the most wonderful things in the world. Instead, channels like TLC have delivered "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," which has reached a TV milestone as the dumbest show ever produced.


"Cake Boss" star stops in Milwaukee

Published Nov. 9, 2010

Buddy Valastro knew early on that he wanted to be a baker. After taking over the family business, he's taken his skills to the next level with a popular show, "Cake Boss," on TLC. His live tour stops in Milwaukee Thursday night.


OnMedia: The DVR gets more flexible

Published Oct. 20, 2010

Time Warner Cable is instituting remote features to allow you to program your DVR away from home ... More NBC shows are picked up for the season ... Guy Fieri meets some Packers tailgaters tonight ... Mama bear Sarah Palin meets a real mama bear.


OnMedia: TLC picks up Sarah Palin's TV show

Published March 25, 2010

Sarah Palin has a deal with Discovery Channel for her first "reality" TV show ... The Milwaukee Iron gets a radio home ... The show Siskel and Ebert began in the 1980s has been canceled.


Enough is enough when it comes to TV's big families

Published Feb. 6, 2010

More and more, "big families" are getting big-time exposure thanks to reality television. Whether it's Jon and Kate and their eight kids, the Hayes' family and their dozen sprouts or the Duggars with 19 kids, there's something not right about putting these folks on television.


OnMedia: Haiti shows what TV still does best

Published Jan. 14, 2010

The earthquake that crushed Haiti's capital has caused the usual mobilization of TV anchors and correspondents who are bringing the tragedy into U.S. homes... And, on a far less serious note, Conan O'Brien continues to have fun with his situation at the expense of NBC.


It's Milwaukee's turn to house-swap on TLC's "Trading Spaces"

Published June 10, 2005

When Bobby Greenya and his wife Maire heard that TLC's "Trading Spaces" was scouting Milwaukee for a couple of homes to makeover, they went for it. They sent an e-mail and next thing they knew, the show's location scouts arrived at their home, ready for an interview. Here's how they did it.


Trading Spaces' Ty comes to Milwaukee

Published March 27, 2003

One of the most popular stars of TLC's "Trading Spaces" is carpenter Ty Pennington. Pennington comes to Milwaukee on Sun., March 30 for two appearances at the 2003 Realtors' Spring Show at the Midwest Airlines Center. We recently asked him a few questions.