The mad planet


Riverwest FemFest celebrates women's positive impact

Published May 25, 2018

The annual Riverwest FemFest community music and arts festivals aims to celebrate "the powerful and positive impact women, femmes and feminine identifying groups can have on each other and the community around them," according to its website.


Milwaukee's best live music in a bar, 2017

Published March 28, 2017

After voting Milwaukee Ale House for a four-year term as president of the Best Live Music in a Bar category, OnMilwaukee readers went a new way in 2017. Read on to find out who is the new king of the bar room concert.


Milwaukee's best DJ / dance / club, 2017

Published March 14, 2017

For the umpteenth year in a row, when it comes to delivering an out-of-this-world night on the town, the OnMilwaukee readers still pick this retro-fueled Riverwest hot spot as its favorite club/DJ/dance venue in the city.


Milwaukee Bucket List: Dancing at Mad Planet

Published March 10, 2017

If you only had six months left in Milwaukee, what would you do in the city? OnMilwaukee intern Lily Wellen scratched off the third item from her Milwaukee Bucket list: attending a dance party at Riverwest's Mad Planet.


Milwaukee's best dance/DJ club, 2014

Published Feb. 11, 2014

For the umpteenth time, you - readers - selected this long-lived club as your favorite place to shake your groove thang.


Milwaukee's best club, 2012: The Mad Planet

Published Feb. 7, 2012

For the umpteenth year in a row, The Mad Planet takes the gold in the Milwaukee's best club category. With its eclectic crowd and funky motif, The Planet is a people watchers' wonderland.


Milwaukee's best Riverwest bar, 2011: The Mad Planet

Published Feb. 24, 2011

For the first time in the history of the Best Bars & Clubs survey, readers did not pick The Tracks as their favorite Riverwest bar. Instead, the top prize goes to The Mad Planet.


Jurado expands his songwriting horizons

Published June 8, 2010

Seattle singer-songwriter Damien Jurado, who performs Tuesday night at The Mad Planet, 533 E. Center St., began playing in punk bands before switching to folk music. "I think it was the storytelling and that it was simple," Jurado said. "Folk music was like punk in that anybody could play. All you needed was a guitar. And I just have a knack for storytelling."


Shearwater merges soundscapes with landscapes

Published April 3, 2010

ustin-based band Shearwater sets out on a sonic journey using its lush orchestral-like experimental rock in pursuit of the unique faces only nature can provide: beauty, menace and fragility.


It takes more than a good bartender to make the bar

Published Feb. 25, 2010

An attentive and skilled staff of bartenders can turn good bar into a great one, but there are other factors in play here, too. While the barkeeps are busy getting all the attention and raking in the tips, we realize there is a whole cast of players doing their share to ensure the local tavern remains a fun place to socialize and relax.


Milwaukee's best club, 2010: The Mad Planet

Published Feb. 6, 2010

It's hard to mess with tradition. It seems the loyal readers of are equally as loyal to their favorite nightlife hotspot, because The Mad Planet has once again taken the gold for Milwaukee's best club.


Gig roundup: Benson "poised and ready" for Turner

Published Nov. 16, 2009

Although he's now on solo record No. 4, for many people Brendan Benson is still the guy who plays in Grammy-winning band The Raconteurs with Jack White. But don't let White's shadow eclipse Benson's shining talent. Dive into his latest disc, "My Old, Familiar Friend," and you won't struggle to find his adeptness at catchy melodies swathed in ringing guitars. See him this week at Turner Hall.