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"Fading Ads of Milwaukee" catalogs some of the city's best old signs

Published Feb. 5, 2020

Old Milwaukee Facebook group creator Adam Levin has come to be the person many think of first when they spy a potentially "new" old sign. Now Levin has turned his passion into Milwaukee ghost signs and Mid-century signs into a book called "Fading Ads of Milwaukee."


Marti's book takes us back in time to "Wicked Milwaukee"

Published Nov. 1, 2018

Folks who are passionate about Milwaukee history know Yance Marti. In addition to Marti's book, "Missing Milwaukee: The Lost Buildings of Milwaukee," he also built and maintains the web site. Now, The History Press has published Marti's book, "Wicked Milwaukee."


9 Milwaukee frozen custard stands we miss

Published Aug. 7, 2017

While the fame of Gilles, Leon's, Kopp's and Culver's endures, through the years, dozens of other custard stands have come and gone. Here is a sampling of some of them, from the new book, "Milwaukee Frozen Custard."


A look at the South Division dome, a South Side icon

Published Dec. 16, 2015

Today, I found myself driving past Bluemel's Garden Center, which is closed for the season, at 4930 W. Loomis Rd., and I couldn't resist the urge to stop and see the old South Division High School dome, which was built into the garden center's building.


Wisconsin titles spring into bookshops

Published May 24, 2014

We're headed toward the summer reading season and as you start to stack up prospective titles to bring with you to the beach, the campsite or your porch swing, here are a few books with roots in the Badger State.


Wisconsin books make perfect gifts

Published Dec. 14, 2013

Last year, there was a treasure trove of literature on Wisconsin history and themes around the holidays and this year, it seems, there's even more out there. Here are a few nuggets that will please the Wisconsin-minded on your holiday gift-giving list.


A seed of an idea grows into "Wisconsin Farm Lore"

Published Aug. 11, 2012

After writing about Milwaukee's brewing history and about "Forgotten Tales of Wisconsin" for The History Press, local scribe Martin Hintz pitched the idea of a book about Badger State agriculture to the South Carolina-based publisher. "It was sort of 'plant the seed of an idea' and an editor will come," jokes Hintz. That seed has grown into "Wisconsin Farm Lore: Kicking Cows, Giant Pumpkins and Other Tales from the Back Forty," out now in paperback.


Hintz bottles a quaffable history of Milwaukee brews and booze

Published Oct. 23, 2011

Though author Martin Hintz knows his latest book could have filled more than a full case or two, he decided that he'd write "responsibly" and limit himself to a six-pack of Milwaukee brewing history. His lively and extremely quaffable "A Spirited History of Milwaukee Brews and Booze" is available in paperback from The History Press.


Again with the subway?!

Published Jan. 7, 2011

I know, I know, I keep yammering on about how cool it would be -- if certainly unrealistic at the moment -- for Milwaukee to have a subway. But, amazingly, enough it's not at all unrealistic for Cincinnati (population 333,000) to build one.