The beatles


Bob Barry event gives you a glimpse into recreated Cavern Club in Hartland

Published Aug. 30, 2018

In January I took you inside this amazing recreation of Liverpool's legendary Cavern Club, where The Beatles often played in their early days, in Hartland. Now, you have a chance to see it for yourself when the Cavern hosts legendary Milwaukee DJ Bob Barry and The Ricochettes.


The Classic Rock Show delivers a blast from the past at The Pabst

Published Feb. 27, 2017

The genre of classic rock sparks love in people's lives from either growing up in its prime or having the musical influences bestowed upon them by others. Both types were in the crowd that gathered at The Pabst Theater last night for The Classic Rock Show.


Searching for the Beatles, but finding Bowie

Published Feb. 2, 2016

It was the beginnings of a long, hot and life-changing summer of 1972 when I got the news. I had just graduated from high school the previous fall, and as a graduating present my parents and my cousins parents agreed to send my cousin Cree and me to France and England to see a bit of the world and then escort Cree's sister Barbara home from her studies at the university of Lyon in France.


A conversation with rock legend George Thorogood

Published May 29, 2015

With thousands of shows in his rear view mirror, an iconic song ("Bad to the Bone") to his credit and album sales topping 15 million worldwide, what does George Thorogood need to prove? "Absolutely nothing," Thorogood says. "I just try and keep my feet on the ground ... as opposed to going in the ground!" During our chat, Thorogood and I also talked about his musical influences, opening for the Rolling Stones and more.


Ringo Starr returns to Milwaukee for Riverside show in October

Published March 17, 2015

Days before the Rolling Stones are expected to announce some concert related news, a Beatle beat them to the punch. The Riverside announced this morning that famed Beatles drummer, Mr. Conductor himself Ringo Starr is coming to Milwaukee in October to play the Riverside Theater.


"Living is Easy With Eyes Closed" is a satisfying tale of a quest to meet Lennon

Published Oct. 1, 2014

"Life is Easy With Eyes Closed," which has won 6 Goya awards (which is the Spanish equivalence to the Oscars) may be a wee-bit predictable, but as mentioned before, like in any road film, sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, which itself is heartwarmingly satisfying to the highest degree.


#WeWant bike wine rack, sausages, books and more

Published July 10, 2014

The ultimate accessory for your bike? Carolynn may have found it. An Audible book to add to your listening list? Jason may have the one for you. These and more are in this week's #WeWant!


Milwaukee hotels that famous people (briefly) called home

Published March 7, 2014

Elvis? The Beatles? Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle? John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Who is the most famous person to have stayed in a hotel in Milwaukee? While not a mecca for the famous, like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, Milwaukee has been a temporary home for many famous people.

Omcrecs3113_fullsize_story1 recommends, March 1, 2013

Published March 1, 2014

It's time for yet another set of recommendations from, and it seems the long, frosty winter has sent most of the OMC staff scurrying for their bookshelves, as many of the recommendations this week are of a literary variety.


Dr. Dog aims to be as infectious as its musical influences

Published Feb. 5, 2014

It's not as though they ever left, but the Beatles are suddenly on everyone's minds and ears yet again. The anniversary of their arrival in America on "The Ed Sullivan Show" is on Sunday, Feb. 9. So, in a way, it seems only fitting that Dr. Dog - a modern rock outfit with a heavy influence from the Beatles, their successors the Rolling Stones and other similar '60s rock bands - would come to town around this time.

Omcrecs1414_fullsize_story1 recommends, Jan. 4, 2014

Published Jan. 4, 2014

A new year calls for a new set of recommendations from your friends at, including classic movies, slick style, books on the Beatles and some strange elixir called "drunk juice."


1964 the Tribute brings "the Beatles" to The Pabst

Published Oct. 27, 2013

While The Pabst crowd was definitely appreciative of the band, there was never a transformative moment where it felt like this could actually be a legitimate Beatles show. However, since that is impossible, 1964 the Tribute was about the next best thing and made for a highly entertaining Saturday night in Milwaukee


Catching up with Trophy Straps

Published June 7, 2013

Wisconsin has bred some of music's most creative innovators. Included in this group is Greendale's Glenn Boren, proprietor and designer of Trophy Straps, a company that locally manufactures instrument straps. These straps are so strongly tied to Wisco that their flagship straps have ends made from the same leather used in Harley motorcycle seats.