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Do deluxe CD reissues provide enough bang for your buck?

Published Dec. 1, 2014

CD sales have plummeted this year -- as have digital downloads -- in the face of streaming music. But labels are still churning out deluxe CD reissues. Are you opening your wallet to pay for the extras?


Trolley chimes in with new CD

Published Nov. 29, 2011

Trolley has been riding the power pop rails in Milwaukee since 1995, releasing a string of catchy, guitar-driven rock and roll records over the years. The group is back with a new 14-track disc, "Things That Shine and Glow," on its own Easter Records, that continues its tradition of jangly power pop but with a post-punk edge.


Exclusive celebrates Record Store Day with a CD

Published April 18, 2009

While a lot of local music fans might feel like "Record Store Day" is hardly worth celebrating in a year that saw the death of Atomic Records, there are still a handful of shops vending vinyl and CDs in town. Among them is The Exclusive Company, which celebrates the day by creating "Buzzcity," a 15-song sampler of some of the best original, home-grown Milwaukee music.


The Nice Outfit dons a well-fitted new EP

Published Dec. 21, 2007

Over the years, Paul Wall and Terry Hackbarth have been the driving force behind two British Invasion-fed power pop outfits, Trolley and The Nice Outfit. The latter band has a new EP.