Are you cyber savvy? How to stay better protected online

Published July 21, 2020

If you're like most people, you assume your data is fairly safe on the web. But is it? With the recent boom in internet usage, especially with more people online more than ever during the pandemic, we're here to make sure you (and your data) stay safe.


Meet the mother of the GPS

Published Feb. 15, 2020

Every year for Black History Month, Judge Derek Mosley posts daily tributes on Facebook that provide information about remarkable African-Americans who were excluded from mainstream history. Today, learn about the mother of the GPS.


Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+ is great

Published Nov. 4, 2019

It comes with a bigger screen, pressure sensitive stylus, three cameras, fewer buttons and jacks, and a higher price tag. But it still might be a worthwhile investment.


My talk with the guy who invented the #hashtag

Published Oct. 4, 2019

I had the opportunity to talk with Chris Messina this week. Messina, among many other things, invented the hashtag. Yes, THE hashtag. #hashtaginventor. And his story on why and how he did it is beautiful.


10 things you can't miss at Fall Experiment 2019

Published Sept. 30, 2019

Times are changing - and a growing tech and startup community is now brewing in Brew City. And any good tech startup community needs a good tech startup convention. Enter Fall Experiment, taking place in October. Here are the ten must-attend events.


LISTEN: What you need to know about Fall Experiment 2019

Published Sept. 14, 2019

We've answered what cool things you should do at this year's Fall Experiment, and we've answered who will serve as the event's headlining act. But what about answering the most important question: What exactly IS Fall Experiment?


How one internship program launches tech careers

Published Sept. 13, 2019

Created in 1998, i.c.stars is a four-month internship program focused on improving the community by providing those who come from a low-income background with training to prepare them for a job in technology, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


Taking on the "digital divide" one computer at a time

Published Feb. 24, 2019

When he and his MSOE classmates built a computer lab in a rural Kenyan village school in 2010, Jeff Hanson learned firsthand about the inequalities that exist in access to technology. After returning, he began to understand that similar disparities exist in Milwaukee as well, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.