Life after TV: Bart Adrian now teaches the meteorologists of tomorrow

Published Sept. 5, 2019

It's been nine years since viewers saw meteorologist Bart Adrian on FOX6, the station he called home for 28 years. He's not retired, though. Now, Adrian is a senior lecturer in Atmospheric Science and Mathematics, and a STEM outreach specialist at UW-Milwaukee.


Environmental educator helps kids "enjoy the beauty of nature"

Published April 8, 2016

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service highlights Elise Myers, an environmental educator at the Urban Ecology Center in Riverside Park. For most of these children, her classes - designed to connect them with nature - provide encounters they almost never have.


Trials and tribulations of a substitute teacher

Published March 13, 2016

It's 5 a.m. when the alarm clock announces the start of another day in the substitute teacher trenches. My eyelids don't want to open, but that's on me; I was up half the night watching "Marvel's Jessica Jones" on Netflix.


Featured bartender: Blue Jacket's Alissa Gonyea

Published July 12, 2015

OnMilwaukee.com recently stopped in at Blue Jacket to chat with bartender Alissa Gonyea about teaching in MPS, traveling, craft cocktailing and how she won a car.


Life changing or time to change your life?

Published Feb. 16, 2011

Since returning from India a little more than two weeks ago, I;ve been asked a common question, "Was your experience life changing?" The simple answer is yes.


Yes, you can

Published Jan. 21, 2011

Here is a person -- me -- who for years couldn't handle a sleepover, let alone a trip halfway around the world, yet now I'm visiting my third continent.  In short, fear is all in your head.


Building a bond

Published Jan. 18, 2011

It is easy to feel overwhelmed in Delhi. In a city of nearly 13 million people, sensory overload is the norm, quiet is the exception. No matter how many times I have driven down the same street, or walked through the same market, something new always catches my eye. Maybe it is the reporter in me, but I can't help but try and take in every little detail.


MPS teacher spotlight: Emmanuel Godoy

Published Oct. 4, 2010

Welcome to the latest installment of a new OnMilwaukee.com series highlighting talented public school teachers. Emmanuel Godoy -- aka "Mr. Manny" -- teaches second grade at La Escuela Fratney, 3255 N. Fratney St.


Gettin' schooled by award-winning teacher Rafe Esquith

Published July 28, 2010

Although The New York Times once called Los Angeles public school teacher Rafe Esquith "a genius and a saint" and Oprah bought him a van to transport his kids and Queen Elizabeth II gave him an honorary MBE, when he comes to Milwaukee this week, it will be as an author.