Microblading beautifies bad brows

Published Dec. 29, 2018

Ladies: Microblading (eyebrow tattoos) might be the the answer to your eyebrow disenchantment. It was for this Milwaukeean.


Chefs' tattoos & the stories behind them: Rachel Rick of SURG

Published May 17, 2018

"I get tattoos that mean something to me, that are a part of my life or a stepping stone," says SURG Pastry Chef Rachel Rick. "I get them because they're things that are meaningful and important to me. As a result, I always get them facing me.


Chefs' tattoos & the stories behind them: Paul Zerkel of Goodkind

Published Nov. 9, 2017

Paul Zerkel, chef and co-owner of Goodkind, says he's always appreciated -- and trusted -- the artistic sense that tattoo artists bring to the table. And that's resulted in some very creative body art over the years that both marks milestones and pays homage to art.


Chefs' tattoos & the stories behind them: John Rudolph III of Millioke

Published Nov. 2, 2017

For Chef John Rudolph III of Downtown's Millioke restaurant, tattoos are a way to keep life from growing stagnant. "Body art is really a unique form of expression," he says. "And I love how artists take the ideas that you have and really interpret them. It's harnessing what they do well."


Chefs' tattoos & the stories behind them: Adam Pawlak of Black Sheep

Published Oct. 17, 2017

For Chef Adam Pawlak of Black Sheep and The Love Shack, tattoos have become a record of his experiences. "Over the years, tattoos have really become a way for me to keep telling my story," he says, "Whether it's my story in food or the more personal side of my life."


Chefs' tattoos & the stories behind them: AJ Dixon of Lazy Susan

Published Oct. 10, 2017

The passion and ingenuity chefs posssess is apparent in the dishes they serve; but it's also evident in the tattoos they choose to put on their bodies. This series is a tribute to chefs and their creativity, both in their kitchens and on their skin.


Would you get a tattoo of your work logo? This OnMilwaukee writer did

Published June 22, 2016

Fifteen years ago, Molly Snyder left a "good" job at a publishing company for a questionably stable job at OnMilwaukee. Some thought she was nuts, but she never looked back. Recently, in honor of her anniversary, Molly got the company logo inked on her arm. See the video here.


France-born Marin tattoos Milwaukee

Published April 18, 2015

Laurent Marin learned the art of tattooing by practicing on his own skin while growing up in Grenoble, France. Today, he co-owns Old Salt Tattooers in Bay View.