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OnMedia: Targeting Regis & Kelly

Published Dec. 2, 2010

Four Milwaukee radio voices are competing for the attention of Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa: Kidd O'Shea, Wes McKane and Dave Luczak ... John Jagler's goodbye ... The frog in Susan Boyle's throat.


OnMedia: Fox plays hardball with Dish Network

Published Oct. 5, 2010

The loss of Fox Sports Wisconsin, FX and National Geographic for Dish subscribers is the opening volley in a contract battle... "Deadliest Catch" is coming back for another season, even if it's without three captains... Conan O'Brien washes his desk.


OnMedia: "The Choir" is summer's "Glee"

Published Aug. 4, 2010

While you're waiting for the return of Fox's "Glee" this summer, check out BBC America's "reality" version... Susan Boyle will visit the real "Glee" at Christmas time... Are you ready for an animated Sarah Palin?


OnMedia: ABC's "V" remake earns a B-

Published May 11, 2010

Thanks to a DVR backlog, I plowed through a half-dozen episodes of ABC's "V" and saw a story that barely advanced ... Lou "The Hulk" Ferrigno is coming to town ... Is there another Susan Boyle across the pond?


OnMedia: How could you not shed a tear?

Published Nov. 24, 2009

ABC's "Find My Family" offered an emotional 30 minutes of TV ... Regis Philbin is taking a leave -- but for how long?... And "V" is taking a long break after tonight's episode.


OnMedia: Yes, "V" was inspired by the Milwaukee Art Museum

Published Nov. 9, 2009

One of the men behind ABC's "V" confirms that Santiago Calatrava's structure on Lake Michigan is the inspiration for the interior of the Mothership on the show ... Local broadcasters win regional Emmys ... and Taylor Swift provides the best "Saturday Night Live" of the season.


Video of the Day: The Susan Boyle story

Published April 17, 2009

The folks at "Britain's Got Talent" won't let us attach a video of Susan Boyle's groundbreaking performance on the show, but here is a news account of the event and a link to the actual video.