Col. Morrison describes his heart-melting surprise family reunion at Miller Park

Published June 15, 2018

Before Wednesday's Brewers-Cubs game at Miller Park, Colonel Jay Morrison reunited with his family by surprising his son on his 12th birthday. We spoke with Morrison about all that led to the reunion, becoming a viral-video sensation and what the moment felt like and meant for him, his family, other service members and fans of baseball and happiness.


"Underrated Milwaukee" gets some Canadian love

Published Aug. 24, 2012

The National Post is based in Toronto and when one of its freelance writers, Paul Terefenko, came to town he experienced what many first time visitors to Milwaukee experience: surprise.


Advance reviews on Maryvale failed me

Published March 16, 2012

Admittedly I've only seen two Cactus League venues so far, but when we visited Maryvale yesterday to watch the Brewers beat the Padres, I wondered why everyone disses the stadium.