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7 unique spots to rock your wedding registry

Published Jan. 23, 2018

You don't want to register at the same places everyone else does. You are unique! So I decided to track down some awesome unique places where you can have a wedding registry - and get exactly what you want.


5 things you need to make brunch at home

Published Jan. 24, 2015

Snow is in the forecast this Sunday morning -- which of course made me think about making brunch at home -- instead of my usual fare out. I needed an e-commerce trip to find everything I need to do it. Maybe you'll need these things, too.


Featured chef: Whisk Culinary's Zak Groh

Published Dec. 29, 2014

Most chef-restaurateurs know that it's hard work getting a restaurant off the ground, but perhaps no one around here understands it better than chef Zak Groh. A Milwaukee-area native, Groh got his start at his family's custard stand before jet-setting all around the world gaining kitchen experience. A few years ago he came back home and in 2013 he launched Whisk Culinary, catering business that specializes in inflight meals for private fliers.


Featured chef: Zak Groh of Sur La Table

Published June 13, 2011

Zak Groh has been a chef in the pastry kitchen of a Scottish resort visited by Queen Elizabeth. He has cooked at a Hilton resort on the big island of Hawaii and at Bacchus and Carnivor, and he has been the sous chef at Lake Park Bistro. But now you will find Groh in the shiny new kitchen at Sur La Table, the upscale gourmet cooking gadget and equipment store that opened at the Bayshore Town Center May 20.