Stelio kalkounos


Urban spelunking: Five O'Clock Steakhouse

Published Oct. 8, 2019

In any city, there are a handful of culinary landmarks that have remained consistent across the decades and have become iconic symbols of the local culture. In Milwaukee, one of those places has long been the Five O'Clock Steakhouse.


Uncovered Five O'Clock Steakhouse mural restored

Published March 16, 2016

Five O'Clock Steakhouse discovered and restored an old mural, which shows a nude female figure with its arms around the neck of a black winged horse, that had long been rumored to be hidden behind the mirrors on the walls of restaurant's bar.


Five O'Clock Steak House settles with Jimmy Buffett

Published Nov. 10, 2011

Five O' Clock Steak House, formerly Coerper's Five O'Clock Club, announced it came to an agreement for an undisclosed amount of money that would allow musician Jimmy Buffett to name his new restaurant "Five O'Clock Somewhere."