Spring street burying ground


Downtown landmark church will close; transform into a wedding/events venue

Published Sept. 19, 2017

St. James Episcopal Church, which has made its home at 833 W. Wisconsin Ave. since 1851, will close its doors at the end of this month. The building, which was put up for sale a few years ago is in the process of being sold. It will be transformed into a wedding and events venue.


Urban spelunking: St. James Episcopal Church & Spring Street Burying Ground

Published Nov. 26, 2013

In the low, dimly lit space beneath St James Episcopal Church, 833 W. Wisconsin Ave., there's a hissing sound and a horizontal geyser of steam shooting out of a pipe. It immediately grabs your attention. Until you see the tall thin grave stone leaning up against a brick column. St. James is built atop the former Spring Street Burying Ground. They think all the human remains were removed when the church bought the property in 1850, but a few scattered headstones mark a lingering doubt.