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MPTV airs two new specials

Published Nov. 14, 2006

Milwaukee Public Television airs two new programs in November, "Native American Cooking from the Fancy Dance Café" and "The Spiritual Patient."

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By Sahnya Susan ThomTake “Three-To-Be-Free” mini-breathing bre aks during the day. With all the iPads, iPods, apps,texting, twitter, and cell phones, it’s no wonder we are missing out on our life. Our technologicaldevices are designed to distract, hyperconnect, and addict us. We...

At The Edge Of Knowability

Dark is the symbolic color of mystery; its realm is in the shadowed ramparts and recesses where the light of discovery has yet to shine.  This is no less true in cosmology, where unknown forces and factors often attract the adjective "dark." "Dark matter," for...

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