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Coming home: After L.A. hip hop and Ferguson front lines, Dr. Rob Baker returned

Published March 16, 2018

Rob Baker has been on the front lines in Ferguson and in the studio with Dr. Dre's team. He's worked with Snoop Dogg on anti-violence campaigns and led the League of Young Voters. He's hung with the biggest rappers, launched countless social activism projects and received his PhD from UCLA. But he's back in Milwaukee because he believes in it.


Snoop Dogg announces first Milwaukee show in nine years

Published Nov. 10, 2016

For the first time in almost a decade, iconic rapper Snoop Dogg will perform in Milwaukee, bringing his "Puff Puff Pass Tour: Part 2" - the sequel to his 2001 "Puff Puff Pass Tour" - to the Riverside Theater stage on Thursday, Dec. 22.

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