Milwaukee skiing and snowboarding guide

Published Feb. 18, 2020

To help make your winter more wonderful, we're providing you with 15 snowy slopes close to Milwaukee - or at least relatively close - that will get you in the winter spirit and down the slopes in style.


Embrace debate: The Winter Olympics are dumb

Published Feb. 20, 2018

Look, I'm all for jingoistic flag-waving, but the Winter Olympics are dumb and not sports. My coworker, Matt Mueller, disagrees because patriotism, pageantry, practice, etc. Who is right? Nobody, but probably Norway wins. Anyway, embrace debate.


Is sledding too dangerous?

Published Jan. 2, 2014

Many people agree that sledding is fun, but that it also can be dangerous. But is it too dangerous?


Strap on snowshoes for fun and safe winter cardio

Published March 2, 2012

The snow may have been tardy on arrival this year, but better late than never to take advantage of winter sporting activities. There's a throng to choose from and I have learned that they are not all for me. Basically, if I have to don goggles that cover half my grill for safety reasons or a protective suit of armor, I'm not down to participate. Hence, my devotion to snowshoeing.


Outdoor winter activities guide

Published Jan. 12, 2010

From sledding to skiing, skating and more, there's no reason to hide from the Wisconsin winter. Get out there and have some fun. But, don't do it before checking out our guide.


Frigid sports events heat up February

Published Feb. 5, 2004

Three outdoor sports events in the state heat up February considerably. Read about the Badger State Winter Games, the international ski jump at Westby and the Birkebeiner in The State Sports Buzz.


Olympic skiers jump just beyond Milwaukee

Published Jan. 28, 2002

The Olympics came just Beyond Milwaukee over the weekend, as several international skiers, who will compete at Salt Lake in two weeks, jumped in the Snowflake Continental Cup near Westby in Vernon County. Read about it, the Bucks and other Milwaukee Sports Buzz.