Sherry bantug


The 100 hottest Milwaukeeans (that you've heard of), part one

Published Nov. 11, 2008

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but hot is not. Whether it's classic good looks, a pretty face, a rockin' body or just a hot personality, Milwaukee is no slouch when it comes to sex appeal. So turn down the lights, put on some romantic music and read on, Milwaukee.


Classes can turn the heat up on culinary skills

Published Oct. 26, 2008

A few years ago if you wanted to learn to cook in a classroom -- as opposed to in the kitchen with your mom or grandma -- there were few options. Now, thanks to a boom in the foodie culture in Milwaukee, there is a full menu of options from the casual to the intense.


Are you ready to get N.E.W.D., Milwaukee?

Published Nov. 28, 2006

There's a good chance that in the coming months, the word N.E.W.D. is going to be popping up all around town. Naturally, we thought you'd be curious about it, so we figured we'd give you a little heads up as to what it's all about.