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Help us plan our next theme week

Published March 1, 2011

What should we do for our next themed week? We don't have anything planned at the moment until our festival guide kicks off around Memorial Day, so the window for planning begins now.


Sound-off: Is monogamy realistic?

Published March 15, 2009

The concept of monogamy is complicated. We're taught that monogamy is the core of marriage -- a lifestyle that must be followed or else karmic or afterlife punishment will prevail -- and yet so many married people are unable to practice monogamy for the long haul. What do you think?


Sex Week cinema: Funny porno puns

Published March 14, 2009

When porn and humor try to mix, the results are usually a debacle. People watch comedy to laugh, and they watch porn, well, for other reasons. That said, juvenile and sophomoric puns in porn titles can be pretty hilarious in a "Beavis and Butthead" sort of way.


Guess where Playboy magazine is printed?

Published March 14, 2009

If you said our very own state of Wisconsin, you win! It's true: since 1985, Wisconsin-based Quad Graphics has printed the popular men's magazine. According to Elizabeth Austin, the vice president of corporate communications for Playboy, Quad prints 2.6 million copies of the magazine each month.


How sexy changes with age

Published March 14, 2009

As a teenager, I remember finding people sexy based solely on their appearance. If they had the right clothing and the right look, they topped the list of attractive people in my book. Now, in my 30s, a lot of the people I find sexy are even less conventionally hot.

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