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The most expensive leaky faucet

Published Oct. 6, 2008

After months of staring at my leaky shower faucet, I mistakenly took matters into my own hands last week and attempted to fix the problem. More than $350 and a dozen hours later, the problem is mostly solved.


Beware of Milwaukee Water Works imposters

Published June 20, 2008

After the recent flooding issues, three people reported that a person dressed like a utility worker asked to enter their home to investigate floodwater.


Is Carmex addictive?

Published Nov. 20, 2007

Is it an urban legend or fact that this lip balm makes your lips drier and that people can get hooked on it? Let's see what says.


Home theater

Published Aug. 8, 2007

Something weird happened the other day. Tina and I were at home, working. I don't remember what editorial project I was chipping away at, but I was on deadline and a little cranky.

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Cashiers Check Lottery Scam

CASHIERS CHECK LOTTERY SCAMA fraudulent organization is sending out cashiers checks with the Prime Financial Credit Union logo with a letter informing recipients that they are winners of an online lottery. This is a SCAM, and the checks should NOT be negotiated. If you receive a cashiers check wi...

Fake Check Scams Could Cost You Big Time

It all starts when someone offers you something too good to be true. They give you a realistic looking check or money order and then asks you to wire the money somewhere and they will pay you for helping them.Its a phony, and so is the persons story. Once you cash the check it may take weeks...

Work At Home Scams

Consumers need to be vigilant when seeking employment on-line. The IC3, Intelligence section of the FBI, continues to receive numerous complaints from individuals who have fallen victim to work-at-home scams.Victims are often hired to "process payments", "transfer funds" ...

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