Sausage race


Chorizo went missing: Now you can find him

Published May 15, 2012

Chorizo went missing over the weekend, and the Milwaukee Brewers now reveal why: He has spent the hours mapping and planting over 2,000 Chorizo lawn ornaments in the grass areas surrounding Miller Park and its parking lots.


Where, oh where, is Chorizo?

Published May 14, 2012

Bernie Brewer was concerned about a missing sausage, and has begun a Twitter campaign asking #WheresChorizo?


A soy dog in the sausage race?

Published April 10, 2008

Is it possible that a veggie sausage could race with their meaty counterparts at Brewers games?


Brewers Notebook: Kapler, Sheets key to strong start

Published April 7, 2008

Ben Sheets was expected to get off to a good start but few thought Gabe Kapler -- who spent 2007 as a minor league manager -- would hit like he has so far. The two are big reasons the Brewers are 5-1.


Racing sausages are on the move

Published March 26, 2008

They aren't leaving Miller Park, but the famous racing sausages will run in the middle of the sixth inning this year.


Adding some spice to the sausage race

Published July 25, 2006

With the Brewers set to unveil a fifth racing sausage later this week, we set our sights on what it might be, along with some possible alternatives.


Fitness Buffet: Race for a cure or just for fun

Published April 25, 2005

Whether you're looking to beef up your quads -- or just your T-shirt drawer -- or you want to donate a few bucks for a good cause, summer in Milwaukee is the time to run and walk. Here's a great list to get you going.