Following Milwaukee pop-up, SapSap launches curbside delivery in Racine

Published April 27, 2020

Following their highly anticipated pop-up at the East Side's Crossroads Collective, which wrapped up during the beginning of the Safter at Home mandate for COVID-19, SapSap has opened for curbside pick-up at their Racine commissary kitchen. Here's everything you need to know.


SapSap's Darleen Vanmanivong assists in bringing Lao cuisine to the fore

Published March 10, 2020

Lao food is slowly but surely gaining recognition thanks to restaurants like Mekong Cafe and Vientiane Noodle Shop, along with young Lao entrepreneurs like Alex Hanesakda of SapSap and chefs like Darleen Vanmanivong who have dedicated their time and energy to bringing the bright, bold flavors of Laos to the fore.


FoodCrush Podcast: Lao cuisine with Alex Hanesakda of SapSap

Published Nov. 6, 2019

Larb. Green papaya salad. Sticky rice. Historically, the food of Laos has flown under the radar in the U.S., often taking a back seat to more popular dishes from Thailand; but all of that is changing as young chefs take the reins, introducing the cuisine to an increasingly inquisitive American palate.