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Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "Royal New Year's Eve"

Published Jan. 3, 2018

My final trip into Hallmark hell is "Royal New Year's Eve," the story of a lowly magazine assistant falling in love with a prince and ... wait, did I just get tricked into watching Netflix's "A Christmas Prince" again?!


Don Wisconsin: 8 local "Mad Men" Easter eggs

Published May 12, 2015

This Sunday at 9 p.m., "Mad Men" wraps up its wild ride with its series finale on AMC. Here at, we're tearfully celebrating the end of eight glorious seasons of "Mad Men" with eight Wisconsin references we spotted throughout the course of the show.


"Serial Daters Anonymous" puts Milwaukee on the silver screen

Published Sept. 22, 2013

Just when "The Surface" finished up shooting in Milwaukee, another film started rolling the cameras. "Serial Daters Anonymous," starring Scottish actress Louise Linton and Milwaukee's Sam Page, was filmed last week in various local locations. The film will air next in 2014.


OnMedia: Aria knew, but it still hit hard

Published Aug. 17, 2010

Aria Kagan knew it wasn't a good idea to read blogs after she got cut from "Next Food Network Star." She did it anyway ... Sam Page has a new job ... Jimmy Fallon can't be a "Mad Man."


OnMedia: WMCS' sad loss is part of a radio trend

Published Jan. 25, 2010

Milwaukee radio doesn't exist on an island, it's part of what's going on in the industry around the country. And the short-term future doesn't look good for vibrant local programming ... The season finale of the Brett Favre show pulls in a massive Milwaukee audience ... Sam Page lands on Wisteria Lane.


Milwaukee Talks: Peter Bonerz

Published May 13, 2003

Actor and director Peter Bonerz, who went to college in Milwaukee and is likely best remembered for his role as Jerry the dentist on "The Bob Newhart Show," is one of the city's expatriates to make it to the big time.