Kids' hair salon guide, 2015

Published March 8, 2015

There are many "grown up" salons that cut kids hair, but here is a list of kid-specific salons.


Bay View's Phoenix Hair Studio rises from tradition

Published March 25, 2009

Andrea Maleu and Joy Guzikowski didn't realize the name they chose for their new salon would become a literal interpretation of the dreams of branching out on their own. When they opened the Phoenix Hair Studio this spring, naming the new shop after the mythical creature that rose from the ashes seemed appropriate enough.


Couple's creative career is a local Establishment

Published Nov. 15, 2008

He's a film guy -- writing, shooting, editing and producing. She's the beauty queen -- styling, applying, coloring and trimming. Together they are The Establishment. Upon opening in early summer 2004, their focus was music videos; Howie Goldklang would film and direct, and Carly Flynn would style the stars, like she'd been doing in L.A.


Actaea Works, Ltd. opens in Bay View

Published Jan. 23, 2007

Just in time for Valentine's Day, local salon, day spa and all around beauty boutique Actaea Works, Ltd. spreads its lavish wings and opens a new location in Bay View, 2173 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.


Ask a barbette

Published Dec. 1, 2006

I have to attend a corporate black tie event for my job next week and I want to look polished but not overdone. How should I style my hair?


Men and their product problems

Published Nov. 29, 2006

With countless types and brands of hair products to choose from, the decision process can seem overwhelming. When searching for the perfect product, there are a few important things to keep in mind.


Local TV news getting as ugly as hairless thief in lead story

Published Oct. 17, 2006

The second story on WTMJ 4’s 10 p.m. newscast Tuesday night was a somewhat informative report about a delay in flu shots this season. The lead story was about a man who skipped out on a Brookfield salon without paying his bill for body waxing. “Even a Brazilian,” reported an exasperated Courtny Gerrish.


Beauty's Mackai grew up with style on his mind

Published Oct. 13, 2004

Not only does Milwaukee have designers, architects and "fashionistas" to pay attention to, but they also have stylists like Matthew Mackai, who dedicate themselves to beauty. No pun intended, Mackai is a stylist at Beauty, an elite East Side salon.


Indulge Studios comes to Silver Spring Drive

Published Sept. 1, 2004

The renovated Berkeley Building, 409 E. Silver Spring Dr., welcomes one of its first tenants Wednesday, Sept. 1 when Indulge Studios, a new salon, opens its doors.