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Do deluxe CD reissues provide enough bang for your buck?

Published Dec. 1, 2014

CD sales have plummeted this year -- as have digital downloads -- in the face of streaming music. But labels are still churning out deluxe CD reissues. Are you opening your wallet to pay for the extras?


A Bay View holiday

Published Nov. 19, 2008

Besides food and writing, one of my other huge passions is Bay View, and with the holidays upon us, I thought it was a great time to share just a few ideas to get you started shopping locally-owned businesses for the holidays:


"Dog Day Afternoon" barks canine fun

Published Oct. 9, 2008

Created by Bill Rouleau and Dan Duchaine of Bay View's Rush-Mor Records, "Dog Day Afternoon" brings together dogs and dog owners from all over the city for a day of canine fun and resident relaxation.