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The Classic Rock Show delivers a blast from the past at The Pabst

Published Feb. 27, 2017

The genre of classic rock sparks love in people's lives from either growing up in its prime or having the musical influences bestowed upon them by others. Both types were in the crowd that gathered at The Pabst Theater last night for The Classic Rock Show.


"Rush" is exactly that

Published Sept. 27, 2013

Ron Howard's movies, such as "Frost/Nixon" and "Cinderella Man," are just so ... respectable. I appreciate the solid craftsmanship and the modestly compelling stories they tell, but they're not necessarily entertaining or enjoyable. They're the vegetables of the film world: Yeah, they're technically good for me, but where's the flavor? Flavor, thy name is "Rush."


Sister act Vic and Gab's new album has music fans falling in love

Published July 24, 2013

Milwaukee pop rock duo Vic and Gab released their first full-length album, "Love of Mine," on July 9. But they're no strangers to the spotlight. One of their earliest songs made its way onto MTV's controversial show "Skins," and they even opened for the ultimate headliner, President Obama. OnMilwaukee caught up with the peppy pair to talk about their Spin-promoted album, their love of Rush and performance etiquette for rock stars.


Rush rocks like "Clockwork" at Summerfest

Published July 5, 2013

For many acts with a history as long as Rush, "new" songs tend to send throngs of fans to beer stands or bathroom breaks - but the tracks from "Clockwork Angels" are excellent additions to the Rush canon and proved to be even stronger live. The fact that fans embrace and enjoy the new Rush music as much as the band enjoys playing it, is key to the success and growth of the "cult" of Rush.

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