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Heat Index: September 2012

Published Sept. 5, 2012

What are hot - and what's not? In this latest "Heat Index," we look at Mr. Baseball, Ms. Black, a boring Senate race, and hey, Go Pack!


Spice up a movie with an alcoholic beverage

Published Jan. 20, 2010

Back in the day, if you wanted to drink alcohol in a movie theater you had to smuggle in a flask to spike an overpriced soda. Luckily, for the love of cinema soaks everywhere, more and more theaters are adding alcohol to the menu along with the usual popcorn-and-Junior Mints fare. Here's a list of local theaters that serve alcohol.


Great places to get a drink ... that aren't bars

Published Feb. 3, 2008

We think of bars as the places to do our drinking, but you can imbibe responsibly away from the smoke and the noise and the smell of day-old beer, too. Here are a few suggestions.


Widen brings old Milwaukee entertainment to life

Published Dec. 18, 2007

Larry Widen, who runs The Times Cinema and the Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse and co-authored "Milwaukee Movie Palaces" (reprinted last year as "Silver Screens"), has published "Entertainment in Early Milwaukee."


Widen weds his love of cinema to Times

Published Jan. 5, 2007

It was recently announced that writer, Milwaukee cinema historian and history buff Larry Widen is buying the Times Cinema on Vliet Street, maintaining former owner Eric Levin as general manager. We caught up with Widen to ask him about his plans and the realization of a dream.

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