Root beer


New Sprecher team hits the ReFresh Button on a classic Milwaukee brand

Published May 21, 2020

Nearly four decades ago, Sprecher Brewery was a small start-up tucked away on the Burnham Canal in Walker's Point, trying to figure out how to make its mark on the beer industry in a brewing town still ruled by Miller and Pabst. Now, Sprecher is moving into the future with new owners.


The non-beer lovers' drink guide to Summerfest

Published June 29, 2018

If you're looking for something alcoholic (or not), we have highlighted some drinks to find at Summerfest that will wet your whistle - without the grain, hops and yeast.


The best $5.31 drink in Milwaukee

Published Aug. 12, 2014

Who isn't looking to get something for (relatively) nothing? You. Me. Everyone. Such things are hard to find, really, but if you've got $5.31 in your pocket this is, without a doubt, the best buy in the city.


First look: Sprecher's Pub

Published Oct. 17, 2013

We stopped by just a few hours after Sprecher's Pub opened yesterday to get a first look at the new bar and restaurant located at Bayshore Town Center in the former Bravo! space.


Sprecher soda remains most "pop"-ular product

Published Aug. 27, 2012

Randy Sprecher, who opened Sprecher Brewery in 1985, started making soda in 1988 because so many adults brought their kids on the brewery tour. Today, soda makes up a large portion of sales, thanks to the popular root beer flavor, as well as seasonal flavors like the recently-released blueberry.


A drink a day: Root beer float

Published Feb. 3, 2009

My husband and I are probably not the first to mix up this drink, but we like to think we invented the cocktail we lovingly refer to as "the root beer float."


Black Bear's sodas are a hometown tradition

Published June 13, 2002

In 1920, Louis Patmont opened a spring water bottling company at the source of a spring in St. Francis. He named the business Black Bear, and today it is most famous for its flavored sodas, which have grown into a beloved hometown tradition.