Miller Park named baseball's best stadium

Published Dec. 8, 2014

The Sporting News announced that Miller Park has been voted the Best Ballpark in its online poll of baseball fans. The home of the Brewers, which was seeded No. 12 at the outset and eventually defeated No. 2 Fenway Park to take the title after a series of match-ups in a tournament-style contest.


OMC at Spring Training: A hail of a time at the ballpark

Published March 23, 2007

After more than a month of pleasant weather, the Brewers saw their preseason preparations altered by heavy rain and a sudden hailstorm that prompted the cancellation of an exhibition game against Colorado.


Milwaukee's MacGregor was Rocky Mountain pioneer

Published Oct. 19, 2004

Alexander MacGregor, who was raised in Milwaukee and served as a newspaper publisher in Oconomowoc, helped fight off a land grab by an Irish lord in the Rocky Mountains and served as a pioneer in the area.


Burnie deal made sense

Published Jan. 24, 2002

You can debate all day whether the Brewers got enough in return, but dealing outfielder Jeromy Burnitz made sense, according to The Brew Crew Review. See analysis of this week's trade in this column.