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Naples comes to State Street

Published March 19, 2007

OK, it wasn't terribly warm out, but the sun was shining on Friday evening when my wife and I went to check out Naples Days at Ristorante Bartolotta in Tosa, which I blogged about last week. And it was just warm enough to start thinking about visiting the cousins in Caivano and Cardito and strolling along the water at Mergellina.


Speaking of Bartolotta, closer to home...

Published March 13, 2007

Considering that our lead story today is about a Bartolotta in Vegas, it makes sense to point out a few local Bartolotta events at the same time. I'm partially moved to do so by the fact that two of the three events reflect two-thirds of my Italian heritage, too.


Etiquette sessions let you step up to the plate with confidence

Published Aug. 3, 2005

When it's time for the ever-important business lunch, do you have what it takes to walk away a success? The Bartolotta Restaurant Group has launched a new series called the Etiquette Sessions, which provides tips and skills for businesspeople hungry for more than just food.


Mia Famiglia makes food a family affair

Published May 6, 2004

A number of Italian restaurants boast that their food is just like a Sicilian nonna's, but few actually are. Mia Famiglia claims Italian cooking is part of its family tradition, and it's easy to believe that they're telling the truth.

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